Cloud-Based QMS Software for Your Small Business: A Modular Approach

Cloud-Based QMS Software for Your Small Business: A Modular Approach
December 10, 2019 seouser
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To survive, small businesses need to make their processes and procedures agile, efficient and competitive. To do this, they need to leverage available digital tools and technologies.

But of course, smaller businesses also need to consider the cost implications. If pursued irresponsibly, businesses could end up over-investing in tools or services they don’t really need.

Benefits of cloud-based quality management software (QMS)

Quality management software helps you to ensure your business complies with any regulations that apply to your industry. Small businesses in regulated industries such as manufacturers of consumer goods or medical technologies are expected to monitor and be accountable for their own compliance.

Quality management software is the best and easiest way to do this which is why they are standard and sometimes even required by the FDA and other regulatory bodies when it comes to compliance. Cloud-based QMS systems have an advantage over on-premises ones because they offer a more streamlined integration and implementation.

Other advantages of cloud-based software include:

  • Affordability
  • Better security
  • Flexibility
  • User-friendliness
  • Scalability
  • Future-proof

Why a modular approach makes sense for small businesses

There are several aspects to the process of quality management but not all of them apply to every industry. Some industries rely more heavily on document control while others need to prioritize complaints management, for example.

Quality management software systems that are modular allow small businesses to choose and implement the modules that are the most important to them thereby saving money on the unnecessary ones. A system that isn’t modular would force businesses to spend money on software they don’t need.

What to look for in quality management software

When choosing quality management software for your business’ compliance needs, look for the following characteristics and features.


Apart from the benefits listed above, having a cloud-based system also means there are no hardware and maintenance costs when it comes to implementation.


Find a software provider that offers a few modules to choose from, so you can get a tailored system that best suits your business’ needs.


Modular also means scalable which is ideal for businesses that might branch into other areas where the regulations require additional or different QMS modules.


The system should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface and require minimal training to use effectively.


Your QMS needs to be able to update, back-up data and be accessible by users from all over the world. This is another advantage of cloud-based systems.

Automated processes

There should be automation that allows for reminders and notifications to ensure due dates are met, follow-ups happen and no workflow tasks are overlooked.


A central, user-friendly dashboard that shows an overview of pending tasks or assignments and their current status.

Ease of implementation

Implementation should not intrude and disrupt your business unduly. Find a provider that can provide quick, fuss-free implementation of the required software or modules.

After-sales support and training

Make sure the software provider can offer ongoing support and training for new modules or software upgrades.

isoTracker’s QMS software modules

isoTracker is affordable, cloud-based and modular quality management software. It offers five key QMS modules:

Our software is accessed via a subscription, so you only pay for the modules you need. This makes it an affordable and flexible quality management solution.

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