“We have been very impressed with the level of advice and support we have received with the implementation of isoTracker into the Pathology Department. Keeping on top of document control was always difficult and time consuming – but not any more! Document control is a few mouse clicks away with isoTracker. We never have to worry about missing review dates, version numbers or where documents are. As a result isoTracker helps us maintain a robust document control system.”

– The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Trust, UK

“Unlike other products we have looked at isoTracker is not complicated by unnecessary layers of functionality and has proved easy to tailor to suit our own work practices. Technical support and troubleshooting has always been extremely prompt, helpful and easy to follow.”

– Murphy & Son Ltd, UK

“IsoTracker has provided us with an easy way to track documents that we need to control. We especially like the archived revision feature. The support from isoTracker Solutions has been excellent – we receive timely responses to our requests, and problems are dealt with in a straightforward manner. We look forward to growing with IsoTracker, and relying upon it for even more as features are added. We intend to renew our subscription for the foreseeable future, as we consider the software a good value.”

– United Fire Protection Corp, USA

“isoTracker has become the cornerstone of our document control system. It has the flexibility to customize document structures with approvals and the best part is that it’s easy to use. What used to be a cumbersome paper-based document control headache, is now manageable by a single employee. More importantly, it stands up to audit scrutiny with its history and report options. I highly recommend this software to any business that wants to focus on the big picture and not get caught up in the minutia of managing documents. The customer support is also outstanding.”

– AltaSens, Inc., USA

“isoTracker has provided us with an easy-to-use and cost effective document management system, replacing a cumbersome paper-based system. We believe that this will allow us to maximise the benefits of our management systems, and ensure documentation is consistently maintained in a up-to-date state.”

– Sichem L.L.C., Abu Dhabi

“The unique challenges posed by the control of documents within a busy Coronial mortuary, make isoTracker a key component of our Quality Management System. The dynamic and intense clinical environment of the department means that it is all the more important to maintain tight control over policies, procedures and forms – something that becomes simple when these documents are managed by reliable, very easy-to-use and well supported software, such as isoTracker.”

– Flax Bourton Public Mortuary, Bristol, UK

“isoTracker has been used by our company for the past two years and is a big help in managing our customer complaints. The support provided by isoTracker Solutions is quick and efficient, we get prompt responses to our enquiries and the received information always meets our needs. The module is simple and easy to use, provides a useful way for archiving documents related with complaints and is easily accessible from anywhere.”

– Orion Global PET, Lithuania

“isoTracker was a great platform to start with in terms of creating our NCR database. The software is very easy to set-up and use, and provides a lot of flexibility in respect to clients being able to custom tailor the software for their company’s individual needs. The team at IsoTracker is very responsive and keeps clients up to date with new upgrades and the price of the software is very reasonable. I would recommend IsoTracker to other companies if they are looking for a new way to improve their Quality Management System.”

– Orange County Aire, USA

“The website details gave us a good indication of what the system could do for us. isoTracker looked easy to use and implement. The response time to our initial enquiry was extremely fast, free introductory training was provided as well as follow up emails and training when required. We have experienced extremely helpful, fast and friendly customer service.”

– ATC Work Smart, Australia

“isoTracker has facilitated the success of our ISO 9001:2008 system. Without it we would have never been able to fully protect our documents, procedures and records as we are able to now. We are also able to plan and set-up our quarterly internal audits smoothly using the extremely efficient and effective audits module. The automatic notifications and reminders in the complaints, documents and audits modules allow us to stop worrying about the tedious aspects of managing our ISO system, and let us focus on quality and improvement. Overall – isoTracker has become an essential tool for our company.”

– Bell ATM Service, Inc., USA

“We recently introduced the use of isoTracker as our Quality Audit reporting tool and have found it a good tool to manage Compliance, the reporting format is clear and easy to follow, the link between the questionnaires and CAPA is good. The ability to customise the tool also makes it very user friendly.”

– Telespazio VEGA, UK

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