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Advantages of Using Hosted Software

How hosted software can reduce the costs of owning and maintaining software applications while at the same time increasing their user flexibility.

Hosted Software and Business Continuity Contingency

How hosted software can protect against the loss of key information when an unexpected event causes an organization to temporarily cease some of its operations.

How Document Control Software Helps with Compliance of ISO Requirements

A list of features that an organization should consider when choosing between different software suppliers.

Document Control and Document Management – A Comparison

Identifying the differences between the two and what to look out for when using one application to perform the tasks of the other.

A formal Complaints handling process improves customer retention

The importance in having a formal Customer Complaint process to ensure that customers are happy and will provide positive references.

Corrective Actions versus Preventive Actions

The process of recording a Non-Conformance and then escalating it to a Corrective Action and a Preventive Action if the severity of the problem requires it.

The 7 Steps of Root Cause Analysis

A description of the important steps that should be taken during the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process for effective resolution of a problem or issue.

Cloud based document control software will save time and money

Some important benefits of using document control software in the cloud that include ease of operations as well as cost effectiveness.

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