Complaints Management Software

Complaints Management System

The isoTracker Complaints Management module provides a comprehensive system for recording, assigning, investigating complaints and then resolving them through the build-in CAPA features where non-conformances and root causes can be recorded and then resolved using the Corrective Action resolution features.

Using our Complaints Management module, you can:

  • record complaints centrally and store and track all information pertaining to their investigation, resolution and closure
  • issue corrective action (CAPA) requests and close the requests once they’ve been met
  • use workflows to ensure nothing is overlooked
  • send automatic email task notifications with regular reminders and escalate reminders if due dates are exceeded
  • provide up-to-date analysis of key complaint and CAPA performance metrics.

The Complaints Management module can be used as a standalone product. Alternatively, it can be integrated with one or more of our other isoTracker quality management modules.

Why consider our complaints management software?

  • What differentiates a great company from a good one is the way it responds to customer complaints.
  • Using isoTracker complaints management software simplifies complaints management, ensuring consistency and preventing anything from being overlooked.
  • It also equips organizations to respond proactively, to prevent future complaints.
  • A well-managed complaints process drives continuous improvement. Ultimately, it leads to increased customer loyalty and more business.

Central platform for recording and managing complaints

  • Simplifies the process of recording complaints
  • Enables the use of custom fields to capture complaint details
  • Enables assignment of complaints to one or multiple individuals for investigation
  • Uses a clearly defined complaint workflow process to ensure no step is missed.

Issues Corrective Action (CAPA) requests

  • Enables assignment of CAPA responsibility to an individual or group, with a due date
  • Supports attachment of evidential documents to CAPA requests
  • Identify the action required to correct the problem, then record the action taken and then verify the effectiveness of this action
  • Ensures any CAPA request remains open until the required action is completed and reviewed
  • Sends automatic reminders when due dates for CAPA requests are missed and escalates requests to supervisor level.

Supports stakeholder involvement in the complaints workflow

  • Provides configurable email templates for sending regular status updates to the complainant
  • Allows assignment of complaint review and closure to an independent party such as a director or CEO.

Can solicit feedback from complainants

  • Can automatically email complainants to solicit feedback on the complaint resolution process

Advanced analytics and reporting

  • Enables analysis of historical complaints to spot trends and common origins, identify areas of risk and make corrective measures
  • Identifies instances of non-conformance so you can take remedial action
  • Simplifies failure investigations, root cause analysis and identification of areas for improvement
  • Includes reporting features for keeping senior management and other stakeholders informed of any major issues.

Make complaints an improvement opportunity

  • Ensure accurate, consistent recording of complaints
  • Use analytics and reporting features to identify root causes and areas for improvement
  • Solicit feedback from complainants.

Improve efficiency

  • Reduce response times by submitting information and interacting online
  • Keep resolution processes on track with a workflow-based system and automated reminders.

Keep customers happy

  • Quickly identify key factors and resolve issues at the root
  • Speed up the complaints resolution process
  • Keep customers informed of progress through regular updates.

Customizable, quick to implement and easy to use

  • Easy to use, flexible, workflow-based system
  • Ready to use straight out of the box
  • Supports customization.

How to log a complaint:

How to assign responsibility for a complaint:

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How to close a complaint in the isoTracker Complaints software:

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