What’s New?

isoTracker Module Development Plan

13th March 2020 – Launch of Version 2.13

This upgrade launches version 1.0 of the Risk Management module, which dramatically simplifies risk management. The module makes it easy to

  • centrally record and document risks
  • assign automatic risk ratings, based on the likelihood and impact of each risk
  • assign responsibility for managing risks
  • assign and track time-based risk mitigation tasks, using automated notifications and workflows
  • schedule regular assessments, with automated reminders, to monitor risk resolution and resolution effectiveness
  • based on risk assessment results, reassign responsibility or close fully resolved risks
  • conduct up-to-date risk analysis and reporting.

17th November 2018 – Launch of Version 2.12

This upgrade launches version 1.0 of the Non-Conformance module that introduces the following new features:

  • Recording of a stand-alone Non-Conformance, so not associated with a Complaint, Audit or Training event, and assigning it to a user to manage and resolve
  • Use of the investigation notification features, with reminders, to identify the Root Causes using normal analysis methods
  • Recording one or more Root Causes and associating them to the recorded Non-Conformance
  • Use of the Corrective Action notification features to identify the actions required
  • Assigning responsibilities to users for the implementation of the Corrective Actions
  • Checking on the Effectiveness of the Corrective Actions implemented
  • Closing the Corrective Actions and then closing the recorded Non-Conformance

18th April 2018 – Launch of Version 2.11

This upgrade launches version 2.0 of the Training module, previously known as the Competency Testing module, and introduces the following new features:

  • Addition of Courses and Surveys. Training Events can now be in any combination of Courses, Tests and/or a Survey. Courses can be videos, documents, presentations or sound files. Tests and Surveys can be multiple choice or long answer entry.
  • Ability to train non-users of isoTracker such as suppliers or employees as well as users. Also, the ability to survey employees, customers or other entities.
  • Training can be scheduled as a single occurrence or multiple occurrences at fixed dates or regular future recurrences.
  • Tests that are multiple choice are graded instantly upon completion. Long answer tests require manual review and grading by the appointed trainer.
  • Greater facility to change the format of the module with the ability to activate or deactivate features that are not required.
  • Addition of a training calendar and extensive reports with a full training record for internal and external users.

5th December 2016 – Launch of Version 2.10

This upgrade launches version 2.0 of the Corrective Action (CAPA) module which integrates with the Complaints, Audits and Competency Testing modules and introduces the following new features:

  • Ability to record multiple non-conformances and root causes and to link one to the other
  • Ability to reuse prior non-conformances
  • Addition of Action Required, Action Taken and Effectiveness fields for recording and closing a Corrective Action
  • Link to other modules from the Action Taken section with a record in that section of the action performed in the other module
  • Improved time-based task notification to users with the ability to transfer their replies into the Corrective Action fields
  • New specific reports section for the CAPA module

7th December 2015 – Addition of Reports Creation feature

The ability to create tailored reports has been added to the current reporting feature. This means that in addition to standard tabular reports, data in isoTracker can be extracted and graphed as follows:

  • Select data fields such as period type, user action, event type, length of activity and tag either to the X-axis or Y-axis
  • Select data display format such as a table, a bar graph, a line graph or a pie graph
  • Change the time period of the displayed graph using a From and To calendar box
  • Save the graph and extract it in a PDF, JPEG and PNG format or as Excel for a table
  • Easily edit the saved graph select different fields or the time span of the displayed data. Save the changes to the current graph or as a new graph
  • Create numerous graphs and reuse and edit them many times. Remove graphs that are no longer needed

2nd August 2015 – Addition of Dashboard

This adds a dashboard features with the following important benefits:

  • Review the ageing status of all the important outstanding tasks by responsibility
  • Review important impending events such as planned audits and document reviews
  • Summarize past activity on a module by module basis

19th July 2014 – Launch of Version 2.9

This upgrade launches version 3.0 of the Document Control module that introduces the following new features:

  • New design layout with all information easily accessible on a single page using objects that can be opened or closed rather than having to open
  • Use of drag and drop to upload documents and to move them from one folder to another
  • Ability to create online documents directly in isoTracker and to version control them using a built in edit function
  • Addition of the document version number to the document’s file name while held in isoTracker and downloaded from isoTracker
  • Ability to specify at a folder level the automatic conversion of all documents held in that folder to PDF format. Insertion of a watermark in the body and the document’s key properties inserted in the header
  • Addition of an Automatic Numbering system which will increment with each new document
  • Activation of reminder emails once an approval of a document is not completed within 24 hours of the task being issued
  • Ability to activate a secondary confirmation requiring the approver’s login details for the approval of documents as per 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Ability to Copy documents to other folders as a mirror image of the original copy and to automatically follow the versioning process of the original copy
  • Addition of a Retained Documents section where documents can be transferred to, be removed from the workflow process and held until the selected retention date when they can be deleted
  • Addition of an Archived Documents section in which the oldest archived version can be deleted
  • Ability to email documents held in isoTracker to external users
  • Ability to have External Users access documents on a read only basis

30th November 2013 – Launch of Version 2.8

This upgrade launches version 3.0 of the Complaints module that introduces the following new features:

  • Ability to change the name of the Complaints module, a large number of fields and the workflow Status names to fit into a company’s terminology
  • Ability to activate/deactivate the Non-Conformance, Payment and Feedback objects
  • Greater flexibility in whom a Complaint can be assigned to and also re-assigned to for the resolution process
  • Ability to set Complaint Ageing Day targets and schedule Reminder emails to Complaint Administrators as reminders to promptly complete the Complaint management process
  • Improvement in ability to analyze trends in previous Complaints
  • Ability to solicit Feedback from the complainant about the relevant Complaint resolution process
  • The ability to tailor a webform permitting the login of Complaints by external users directly into isoTracker

19th May 2013 – Launch of Version 2.7

This upgrade launches version 2.0 of the Audits module that introduces the following new features:

  • New design layout with all information easily accessible on a single page using objects that can be opened or closed rather than having to open different pages
  • Identify an Audit as an Internal, Product related, Process Related or a Supplier Audit. Ability to create additional Audit templates for other types of Audits
  • Ability to create or upload and save Audit Checklists and then use and re-use them whenever creating and scheduling an Audit
  • Ability to create recurring Audits that will repeat at regular intervals
  • Ability to score Audit questions on the basis of Pass/Fail or customized grading system
  • Space for describing a Non-Conformance and identifying the Root Cause. Also ability to add multiple Non-Conformances and Root Causes
  • Automatic multiple reminders (up to 5) at 24 hour intervals when a task reply due date has been missed
  • Addition of extensive space for the Audit Report and the inclusion of a customizable Audit Opinions list for closing an Audit
  • Ability to solicit feedback from the Auditee(s) prior to closing an Audit
  • Ability to schedule the next Audit if it is not a Recurring Audit

6th October 2012 – Launch of Version 2.6

This upgrade adds a concurrent user license model in addition to our named user license. The difference between the two is:

  • Named Users: Our current license which limits the number of users who have access to the system but does NOT restrict how many of them can be logged on simultaneously. Pricing on the website
  • Concurrent Users: The alternative license which does NOT limit the number of users who have access to the system but will restrict how many of them can be logged on simultaneously. Pricing available on request

16th March 2012 – Launch of Version 2.5

This upgrade launches version 2.0 of the Customer Complaints module that introduces the following new features:

  • An improved layout that makes it easier to assign tasks, act on them, issue reminders when completion is delayed, comment on their results and keep the complainant informed of progress
  • Ability to create multiple complaint numbering systems based on location, type or any other identification
  • Addition of a Non-Conformance and Root cause section that can be added to and edited throughout the complaint process
  • Addition of a Payment section which can also be added to and edited during the complaint process
  • Greater flexibility in activating and tailoring fields across the various features
  • Improved search facility and improved trending of prior complaints
  • Multiple reminders in the CAPA section to ensure that critical tasks are completed in a timely fashion
  • Ability to re-activate closed complaints

11th January 2012 – Launch of Version 2.4

This upgrade adds new features to the Document Control module as follows:

  • Complete compatibility with the Firefox and Chrome browsers in addition to Internet Explorer
  • Consistency of folder and document naming rules with that of MS Windows
  • Ability to add support documentation to a document at the upload stage
  • Ability to add and delete notes to documents and to have them remain through the versioning process
  • Ability to create links between documents held in different folders
  • Addition of a pre-populated drop down list titled Reason on the Change Request page
  • Ability to have documents sent for feedback, prior to approval, and then have them modified with the same version number
  • Improvement of the bulk upload facility

21st September 2011 – Launch of Version 2.3

This upgrade adds a new Competency Testing module to the isoTracker product. Its key features are:

  • Creating Job Roles and Competencies and assigning them to staff members
  • Creating a variety of different types of test such as Multiple Choice, Short Answer or Yes/No answers
  • Scheduling Assessments and running the tests online from any location
  • Automatic grading of Multiple Choice tests with manual grading of Short Answer tests
  • Required trainer review and grading of the completed Assessments
  • Sending out Non-Conformances, Corrective Actions and/or Preventive Actions on failed Assessments
  • Maintaining a full Training record of all past Assessments for all staff members

1st March 2011 – Enhanced Security with SSL Encryption

In response to customer demands we added SSL encryption to the already available data encryption. This means that customer information is not only encrypted on our servers but is also now encrypted during transit over an Internet connection between our servers and the customer’s browser. SSL encryption is commonly used by banks and credit card companies to protect the communication of sensitive data over the Internet.

27th August 2010 – Automatic Demo Account Creation

isoTracker Demo accounts are now created instantly online when registering for a 60 Day Free Trial. This is a replacement of the previous manual process which had a delay of about 24 hours from Demo account request to creation. The automatic email notifications providing isoTracker walk-through instructions will continue to provide frequent and invaluable evaluation instructions.

17th April 2010 – Launch of Version 2.2

Addition of Reports for all functioning modules. The key features are:

  • Full user activity report
  • Full module activity and audit report
  • Ability to provide graphical analysis through extraction of data into Excel

19th October 2009 – Launch of Version 2.1

This upgraded version introduces a new Audits module. The key features of the Audits module are:

  • Creating Vertical and Horizontal audits with choice of Pass/Fail or Graded answers
  • The use of prior checklist items to create a new checklist
  • Scheduling Audit Events with multiple Auditees
  • Adding questions on the fly while running an Audit Event
  • Printing out the checklist, interrupting an Audit and completing it later
  • Issuing Non-Conformance or Corrective Action. Sending notifications with reminders
  • Escalating notifications when replies are late

15th June 2009 – Launch of Version 2.0

This new version covered the major upgrade of one module, the minor upgrade of a second module and a new product user interface. These are:

  • A new Document Control module designed to reflect customer requirements for fewer steps
  • An upgrade to the Customer Complaints module to permit the recording and investigation of any type of complaint whether internal or external in origin
  • A complete re-design of the product interface (look & feel) with greater commonality between the various modules while giving them different colors

15th September 2007 – Launch of Version 1.2

This upgraded version introduces a new Customer Complaint module and a reports feature. The key features of the Customer Complaint module are:

  • Ability to upload customer, supplier and product information
  • Recording of a complaint by any user but review and acceptance by assigned complaint administrators
  • Full complaints history with easy access at any stage of a complaint’s progress
  • Assign severity level and route for investigation, non-conformance or corrective action with escalation if response is late
  • Pre-saved configurable email templates for every status level in a complaint’s process

16th April 2007 – Launch of Version 1.1

This minor upgrade had the following improvements:

  • Ability to restrict folder creation and document import to Administrative users only
  • Ability to change system time to reflect local time zone
  • Increase maximum file upload size from 900 Kilobytes to 50 Megabytes
  • Addition of multiple document upload facility
  • Improved document search capability
  • Ability for customer Super Administrator to back-up system onto a local folder and to do a full system restore from the backed-up data

1st December 2006 – Launch of Version 1.0

First release of the isoTracker online and on-demand Quality Management system with account and user administrative function and a Document Control module. The Document Control module has the current main features:

  • Complete web-based functionality
  • Compatibility with all existing applications used to create and edit documents
  • Strict built-in workflow rules
  • Version control with electronic approval
  • Change request and automatic review
  • Restrictive access at user and folder level
  • Document history trail and automatic archiving
  • Automatic email and system notification events

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