Document Management Software

Document Management Software

Document control that’s easy, consistent and cost-effective.

isoTracker’s document management software makes it simple to comply with document control standards. It also saves time and eliminates mistakes.

The module can stand alone or integrate with our other quality management software.

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  • cloud-based document control software
  • easy compliance with ISO 9001 and other standards
  • affordable for small to medium businesses.

isoTracker Document Control Software Benefits


Set up our document management software in minutes & enjoy free support, before you subscribe (and after).


Subscription-based and priced flexibly according to your needs.


100% reliable document change control & version control software.


Provide access to a single, consistent document repository – anywhere, any time.


Automated document approval workflows, task notifications, & document archiving.


Daily backups, encryption, fine-grained access control, & full document activity history.

isoTracker offers all the support you need to decide if our software meets your requirements. This includes a free 60-day trial, email support, help resources, and free video guides on how to use our document control software.

Why is automated document control important?

Document control is an essential part of any organization’s quality management or compliance system.

A manual or paper-based process for managing policies and documents is time-consuming, costly and prone to mistakes and security breaches.

Traditional, onsite software also has disadvantages. It can be expensive and time-consuming to implement. It can also result in a fragmented, inefficient system, in which different components can’t interoperate.

Our online document management software is a convenient solution. It provides a central document repository, integrated workflow tools, automated notifications, and integrated analytics and reports.

What is document control?

Document control is the consistent management and control of documents to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements.

This includes requirements set by quality standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, ISO 22000, and ISO 45001, as well as FDA and GMP requirements. It also includes company and customer (or other third-party) requirements.

What are important features of document control software?

Software for document controllers should ensure that all documents are:

  • properly prepared, reviewed, and approved
  • available only in the latest, approved versions
  • accessed only by intended users
  • changed according to a standardized, tracked process
  • stored securely and archived when appropriate
  • easy to retrieve when needed.

Documentation control software helps automate processes. It saves time, money, and frustration, and prevents mistakes.

What is document management?

Document management is any set of measures for organizing, storing, updating, sharing, and retrieving documents.

Its goals, among others, are ensuring ease of use, efficiency, and appropriate access.

Generally, a document management system is used to store, index, search, retrieve, and archive a large volume of documents, and to control document versions.

Document control vs. document management

Document management typically involves managing a large volume of documents that are short-lived, such as scanned documents, letters, contracts, and emails.

The focus of document control is on controlling documents that are more essential and have a longer lifespan.

It involves controlling changes to documents; tracking any modifications that are made – including who made them and when; and archiving previous versions.

In addition, it involves controlling what documents are produced, what they contain, how they’re approved, and when they’re released.

It ensures that documents comply with quality, regulatory, and other requirements.

For more details, see our article about the differences between document management and document control.

Key features of isoTracker’s document control software

Key features of our document control and management software include:

  • a central online repository for documents
    • supports uploading of individual documents and bulk uploads
    • supports document searches using keywords and document classifications
    • makes it possible to view documents online, from anywhere and any time.
  • full document activity history
    • provides complete, automated version control
    • tracks and records all revisions, approvals, and change requests
    • records details of who performs each activity, with the date and time
    • is designed specifically to aid and validate compliance with ISO standards, as well as GMP and FDA compliance.
  • automated workflow management
    • automatically moves documents from one step to the next in your workflow
    • lets you create workflow rules based on document types
    • supports sequential and non-sequential approval process rules
    • enables scheduling of delayed publishing, for after approval
    • lets you schedule automatic reminders to review documents.
  • secure archiving of documents
    • automatically archives old versions of documents
    • maintains a record of all historical document-related data for internal and external audits
  • advanced document security
    • encryption of all documents on servers and during transit
    • daily backups to servers in a different geographical location
    • support for permission-based access control based on groups, departments, locations or other criteria.
  • automatic task notifications and records of incomplete tasks
    • automated email notifications for ensuring tasks are completed on time
    • ability to identify any outstanding tasks by employee, document or task name.

Video guides: How to use our Document Management Software

How to assign permissions:

How to create folders:

How to add a document:

How to record a change request:

How to check-in a new version:

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