Audit Management Software

Audit Management Software

Audits are an essential element of any compliance system. The IsoTracker Audit Management module simplifies the process of constructing, scheduling and running an audit. The built in Corrective Action (CAPA) features permit the easy resolution of audit issues.

Using the module, you can:

  • easily configure new audits or reuse existing audit templates
  • schedule recurring audits
  • download audit checklists as Excel spreadsheets so you can conduct audits offline
  • attach supporting documents to audits
  • review previous audit results
  • easily identify non-conformances and areas for improvement
  • track corrective actions taken in response to audit findings
  • create audit reports for sharing with stakeholders.

The Audit Management module can be used as a standalone product, or it can be integrated with one or more other isoTracker quality management modules.

Why choose our automated audit management software?

  • Regular audits are an essential part of any compliance system, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 or ISO 45001. They can help your organization identify areas for improvement and, by acting on these, improve overall quality and efficiency.
  • The isoTracker Audit Management software centralizes and automates auditing processes. It saves time, improves accuracy and ensures detailed reporting.
  • The module also makes it easy to act on audit results. Using its built-in corrective action (CAPA) features, you can assign responsibility for resolving non-conformances to specific users, set deadlines, track outcomes and, when necessary, escalate issues to a higher level.
  • Once issues are resolved, an audit is closed and an audit report can be generated.

Time-saving features for creating and scheduling audits

  • Simplifies audit setup, with predefined lists for selecting key audit details
  • Enables use of templates from previous audits to create new audits
  • Enables attachment of supporting documentation
  • Supports scheduling of one-off and recurring audits

Multiple options for creating audit checklists

  • Enables filtering of prior audits and review of their checklists
  • Lets users create new checklists ahead of time or “on the fly”, when running an audit
  • Supports reuse of checklists
  • Supports standardization, with selection of checklists from a predefined list
  • Enables editing and reordering of existing checklist questions

Efficient preparation and running of audits

  • Includes an option for setting an audit pass score
  • Provides drop-down lists for selecting answers to checklist questions
  • Includes space for entering comments to justify low scores or failures
  • Enables downloading of checklists as Excel spreadsheets; after these are completed offline, they can be uploaded or data can be transferred manually
  • Ensures an audit is considered complete only once all questions are answered and required comments are provided

Built-in CAPA features for resolving issues

  • Enables assignment of one or more non-conformances and/or root causes to failed questions or questions with low scores
  • Enables assignment of corrective action (CAPA) tasks, with deadlines, to specific individuals
  • Automatically escalates issues that aren’t resolved in a timely fashion
  • Closes CAPA requests only once assigned tasks have been properly completed

Audit closure and reporting options

  • Issues automatic reminders of incomplete CAPA tasks
  • Provides a customizable list for selecting an audit opinion
  • Generates audit reports, enabling analysis of audit results (including CAPA outcomes)
  • Includes options for soliciting feedback on the audit process and results

With the isoTracker Audit Management software, regular auditing doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task. The software automates auditing processes, saving time and improving consistency. Also, its built-in corrective action (CAPA) and reporting features help ensure that organizations really do benefit from the audits they run.

Maintain standards

  • Helps comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 and other compliance standards
  • Builds up a full history of audits and results so you can demonstrate enforcement of consistent processes and procedures

Improve the auditing process

  • Provides a centralized, reliable platform for running audits from any location
  • Makes it quick and easy to create and schedule audits
  • Provides regular reminders of incomplete tasks

Identify areas for improvement

  • Can implement either a pass/fail or graduated result scoring system
  • Facilitates identification of non-conformances and areas for improvement
  • Makes it easy to identify trends in graduated audit results over time

Ensure consistency

  • Provide consistent and comparable information across your organization
  • Reuse saved checklists to ensure consistency of approach over time

How to create and schedule an audit:

How to run an audit:

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How to close an audit in the isoTracker Audit Software:

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