isoTracker Partner Program

About the isoTracker Partner Program!

We pay you 10% of all monies that we receive from a customer that you refer to us for as long as they subscribe to isoTracker.

If you have a website we would also like to place a link on it. We will then keep a record of all the visitors from your site to our site and if any of them become customers we will pay you a recurring commission. So you earn while you sleep!


  • An additional source of income for you
  • A comprehensive system for your customers
  • An affordable and easy-to-use system for your customers

Commission Example:

This is a hypothetical example of what an isoTracker partner could earn over a period of several years:

isoTracker Referral No of Customers Avg No of Users Avg No of Modules Commission % Annual Commission Cum Commission
Year 1 20 25 2 10% £5,472 £5,472
Year 2 40 35 3 10% £22,378 £27,850
Year 3 70 50 4 10% £61,690 £89,539
N.B.: This assumes that each customer renews their subscription each year and increases the number of users and modules they subscribe to.

How Does the isoTracker Partner Program Work?

Once you have referred a potential customer to us it is then our responsibility to convert them. Your involvement will obviously greatly help the conversion process but that is not a requirement. Once converted, we will pay you 10% as a referral fee of any monies that we receive from that customer. As our license operates as a recurring subscription for periods of up to 12 months, the customer must regularly renew their subscription so as to maintain their access to the isoTracker service. Again, we will pay you 10% of any monies that we receive from them as they renew their subscription. This shall continue for as long as that customer renews their subscription to isoTracker.

If you agree to place our link on your website, we will record the IP address of every visitor from your site and if any of them match the IP address of a new customer they will be deemed to have been referred by you. You will earn the same 10% referral fee for the life of that customer.

So you can take a very passive role and earn. There are variations to the standard plan if you wish to be more active such as if you wish to invoice your customer directly and/or you wish to provide the training and implementation help to your customer.

An isoTracker subscription is all inclusive of online training, daily system back-ups, system maintenance, full software upgrades and email support.

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