isoTracker – Support Commitment

As a hosted application our isoTracker quality management software system is licensed with built-in free standard support. This allows us to solve queries with the minimum of fuss and ensures the smooth running of your application. Our support program includes the following:

Free E-mail support

E-mail support is available with support requests being replied to within the next business day, if not earlier. Our standard commitment offers product support via E-mail Monday through Friday except for official holidays.

Free Help Engine

To maximize your use of isoTracker we offer a combination of User Manuals and on-line flash Tutorials. Our tutorials have been broken down into the key elements so that you do not have to fast forward through a long video to find a specific functionality within isoTracker. Access the Help Engine from inside the isoTracker application by clicking on Help in the top right hand corner

Free Product updates

Software upgrades are made simultaneously to all customers free of charge. This ensures that our customers are always operating the latest fully tested version of isoTracker.

Free Backup

To ensure the safety of your information and data we perform daily backups to locations other than where your server is located.

Important Requirements

In order to successfully operate isoTracker you should have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed and your browser should be configured to allow JavaScript execution and have pop-ups enabled. Note that isoTracker has been tested with the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers.

with a 60-day free trial