QMS Implementation: Need vs Speed

QMS Implementation: Need vs Speed
October 2, 2015 seouser
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When it comes to the implementation of quality management systems (QMS), what matters more: need or speed? This question may sound simple enough, but in reality, both of these factors come into play. Essentially, need matters just as much as speed… the trick is to ensure that your implementation strategy covers both in order for it to succeed. The growth of global suppliers, stricter regulation and compliance and even things like instant reputation risk thanks to the rise of social media have all contributed towards the demand for improved quality measures.

The old ways of doing things are no longer enough for companies to avoid certain doom. With the help of software solutions that enable companies to manage quality through an automated system, it has never been easier to implement quality management within a business framework. Companies often find themselves in a quandary on what matters most however. Is it more important to focus on getting a system up quickly, or should things be taken more slowly in order to get it done right?

How to Implement Your QMS Quickly and Efficiently

The good news is that savvy companies can employ a quality management system quickly AND properly… if they do it the right way. To do things in a speedy way without scrimping on anything important, consider the following tips.

1. Set the right foundation in place before doing anything else.

Just like anything else in life, without a solid foundation or plan, it is very difficult to succeed. It’s all very well to have a full suite of QMS software modules ready to go, plus a million ideas on how to turn your company from zero to hero, but without that foundation, all of that will be useless. Start with a clear, simple scope that is aligned to your most essential business goals. Look at the areas that are typically most in need of improvement – documentation, employee competency and process improvement for example – and then decide which are most important. Either start with the most crucial area for improvement or consider a full service system that covers all of the basics such as document management, auditing, CAPA, customer complaints and competency testing. Find a trusted provider of such tools who can assist you in choosing the right system for your specific needs. This will go a long way in saving you time in the long run, as well as costs.

2. Choose a system that offers automation and centralised dashboard

Another thing that will save you time is a QMS that offers automation of reports and functions. A system that can be accessed from a central dashboard that works remotely will do wonders, too. User-friendly tools that can be accessed through permission controls by designated employees and managers will make life far simpler right from the start. Most good quality software providers will offer basic training or assist in the initial set-up. These days, most quality tools are designed to be easy to use for those with basic computer skills – something that will further add to the ability to implement the system quickly. If possible, look at finding a system that is scalable and able to grow as your needs grow.

3. Training and support for continuous improvement

Remember that your people play a vital role in the success of your quality system implementation. Training and support is therefore essential to empower employees to work with you and with the system. This is especially true in the case of quick roll-out that needs to be done on schedule. Rolling out any system in an organisation requires engagement, communication, clear outlining of responsibilities and constant support from the top down to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Involving your people in each step of the deployment will go a long way in encouraging active engagement, which in turn is the best way in ensuring lasting success. These tips should help you get things into place for your deployment. If you always remember that fast deployment should not have to sacrifice successful, lasting deployment, you should find that rolling out your quality management system is far less stressful than you may have feared.

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