If The Death Star Had Quality Management Tools…

If The Death Star Had Quality Management Tools…
May 1, 2014 seouser
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Star Wars is one of the greatest space action cult movies of our time, but if The Empire or the Jedi masters had been equipped with quality management tools, we may not have had so many sequels. Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, the Ewoks and the Stormtroopers took us on a journey into a galaxy far, far away; through a series of hit films that spanned across the 80s and the 90s. Then came the prequels, which went back to the early days of Darth Vader’s reign. While there have been many popular action sci-fi movies since, Star Wars remains a firm favourite with many fans. Quality management may be something that is most seen in the world of business. The term brings to mind corporate planning, processes and paperwork – a world rather far from the one that Star Wars introduced to us. But whatever the term may represent, the reality is that even The Empire could have done with a good quality management system to ensure that things went to plan without those endless (yet very entertaining) disasters.

QMS, Star Wars Style

Ever wonder how much different Star Wards would have played out if things had been less chaotic and a bit more organised in that galaxy far, far away? Here are some of the ways that a QMS could have helped things along…

  • Document Control Tools. Considering how huge the Death Star was, and how intricate the Jedi committee and of course, The Empire could be, document control could have done wonders to get ahead of the paper work build-up. There would have been endless procedures, floor plans, strategies, confidentiality contracts, task documents, project duty processes and other documents being created, stored, accessed, edited and distributed across both the good and the evil sides. How much simpler would it have been with the help of an automated document system that stored all paperwork securely in a remote location? Unseen issues such as exploded spacecrafts would not have meant admin disaster, that’s for sure.
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  • Competency Assessment Tools: Then there is the competency issue. How many mishaps were caused by employees not following orders? The Stormtroopers may have been militant enough to form rank and file, but all too often, gaps in security were caused by sentries abandoning their posts, or troopers disobeying directions. The Jedi committee could also have done with some competency testing to ensure that all Jedis and trainees on the good side were trustworthy, competent and able to perform their duties without problem. A competency testing tool would have made for a far more organised, skilled force on both sides, even if it would have also made for a somewhat more boring movie franchise.
  • Auditing and CAPA Tools: Audits (especially internal audits) and a good CAPA (corrective and preventative action) system help to minimise and reduce internal issues simply and effectively. Considering how many flaws were hidden within The Empire’s strategy, workforce, processes and even visibility, these could both have been very useful tools indeed. These quality tools could have allowed The Empire to realise that The Death Star was doomed well before things got too late. Imagine how much more Darth Vader could have achieved if he had thought to do audits once in a while, or if he had had a clear system in place to deal with non-conformances?

Cult classics aside, if our favourite bad guy Darth could have benefited from quality management tools, just think how much your company can benefit right this very moment!