Training Software

Training Software

The IsoTracker Training module provides the ability to train or survey employees, suppliers and customers. The built in Corrective Action (CAPA) features permit the easy resolution of any training or survey issues.

Using our Training module, you can:

  • train users, employees and suppliers
  • survey users, employees and customers
  • upload skills courses as presentations, documents or voice files. Link to videos in YouTube for example
  • construct skills tests and surveys using a range of question formats both multiple choice or answer entry
  • create job roles and link each to one or more competencies, and attach courses and tests to particular competencies
  • view scheduled training sessions in a calendar and receive reminders prior to start of training. Multiple choice tests are automatically graded
  • route completed training to a corrective action (CAPA) workflow process where important issues are resolved
  • maintain a complete training record for all respondents being users, employees, suppliers or others

The Training module can be used as a standalone product, or it can be integrated with one or more of our other isoTracker quality management modules.

Why consider our Training software?

The success of a business depends on its people, be they employees or other stakeholders such as suppliers, and how they perform in their roles.

Our training software provides a central, reliable platform for identifying and addressing knowledge gaps.

That means you can:

  • quickly integrate new procedures
  • identify competency gaps early and determine relevant training needs
  • make new staff productive sooner
  • bring suppliers up to standards
  • ensure a consistent approach.

Stakeholders can be trained at multiple work locations and training repeated on a pre-determined basis. You can also use the module’s built-in CAPA features to ensure that gaps are properly addressed.

The results of each training event is stored and can be reconstructed for audit purposes.



  • Create courses as documents, presentations, sound files or link to videos held on 3rd party sites
  • Build tests with multiple choice, true/false or answer entry questions and identify pass grade
  • Build surveys with multiple choice, rating or comment questions
  • Create job roles, assign competencies to each job role and attach courses and/or tests to each competency

Schedule training events

  • Create training events for users, job roles, employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders
  • Schedule training as one-off events, recurring at regular intervals or with multiple dates
  • Build each training event with any combination of courses, tests and/or surveys
  • Assign multiple trainers with responsibility for different respondents
  • Schedule release date and automatic notifications prior to start of training

Running training events

  • Complete training event from any location even a remote one
  • Always progress sequentially from course to test and then to survey at selected intervals
  • Automatically grades test questions (other than text entry questions)
  • Display completed test results based on correct and incorrect answers for each respondent and globally for the training event
  • Display completed survey results for each respondent and globally for the training event

Corrective action (CAPA) features

  • Associate globally incorrectly answered test questions to a Non-Conformance record
  • Associate survey questions to a Non-Conformance record
  • Match Root Causes to a Non-Conformance record
  • Identify, validate and implement CAPA processes
  • Assign time based CAPA tasks to users. Automatically sends reminders as due dates are exceeded
  • Automatically escalates unresolved CAPA tasks
  • Close CAPA processes after evaluating effectiveness

Training records and reports

  • Stores and automatically updates training records (training activity outside of isoTracker can also be recorded)
  • Makes it easy to review historical training events, spot trends and identify areas of improvement


The isoTracker Training software simplifies the process of creating, scheduling, administering, running and completing courses – and of responding to address any competency gaps.

Ensure compliance

  • Ensure that staff and stakeholders understand your quality processes that affect them
  • Ensure transparency between stakeholders, create a common language and set expectations on quality needs
  • Build up a strong history of training, establish demonstrable levels of expertise
  • Comply with regulatory bodies that require proof of training

Make training faster and more efficient

  • Automate training processes so more people can be trained more frequently
  • Identify and address gaps early
  • Ensure new employees become productive quickly
  • Schedule tests easily and get results fast

Look for areas of improvement

  • Solicit feedback from employees, suppliers and customers
  • Implement changes using the integrated CAPA features

Ensure consistency

  • Ensure that your organization and your stakeholders operate with consistency across all processes

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