Training Software

Training Software

Our online training software makes employee training fast, inexpensive, and effective.

Simplify training development. Automate training delivery and test scoring. Align training with required competencies – and reliably address competency gaps.

The module can stand alone or integrate with our other quality management software.

Try isoTracker training software free for 60 days

  • easily create and deliver training
  • link training to required competencies
  • quickly identify and resolve competency gaps

isoTracker Training Software Benefits

Fast & flexible

Create multi-media courses. Build tests and surveys using multiple question formats.


Link courses and tests to required competencies for different job roles.


Subscription-based and priced flexibly according to your needs.

Easy delivery

Provide training remotely. Schedule training events, with automated reminders.

CAPA features

Assign corrective actions to address competency gaps and track results.


Enjoy free support, before you subscribe and after.

isoTracker offers all the support you need to decide if our training management software meets your requirements. This includes a free 60-day trial, email support, help resources and free video guides on how to use our Training software.

Training challenges for businesses

Companies of all sizes are spending more on training, and employees are completing more and more online courses.

However, this investment of time and money often doesn’t have the required results.

Some common reasons why training is ineffective:

  • it doesn’t align properly with the competencies people need to do their jobs
  • training material isn’t updated often enough to reflect changes in job processes
  • training is poorly designed and/or poorly delivered
  • training isn’t provided regularly or at the right times
  • nobody is made accountable for addressing competency gaps after training is delivered
  • training effectiveness isn’t measured (or if it is, nothing much is done with the results).

The right training software can help overcome most or all of these pitfalls.

Why consider isoTracker’s training management software?

Our training tracking software provides a central, reliable platform for creating and delivering training, and identifying and addressing knowledge gaps.

That means you can:

  • quickly integrate new procedures
  • identify competency gaps early and determine relevant training needs
  • make new staff productive sooner (or bring suppliers up to standard)
  • ensure a consistent approach and track results.

Stakeholders can be trained remotely or at multiple work locations, and training can be repeated on a pre-determined basis.

The system keeps a complete training record, for audit and compliance purposes.

The software is designed to be effective and affordable for small to medium-sized businesses. See our range of pricing options.

How our training software helps address competency gaps

Our employee training software grades tests automatically and displays the results.

This makes it easy to identify knowledge gaps.

Where a competence or knowledge gap exists, you can assign a corrective action task, with a deadline, to the relevant individual or group.

The system will send automatic reminders as the deadline approaches. It will also escalate the task if the deadline is passed.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of the action taken before closing the task.

The training software also makes it possible to associate incorrectly answered test questions (or specified survey responses) with non-conformances. In turn, these can be linked to particular root causes.

Key features of isoTracker’s training software

Key features of our online training software:

  • develop training material
    • create courses as documents, presentations, or sound files, and include links to videos
    • build tests with multiple choice, true/false, or answer entry questions (and identify the pass grade)
    • build surveys with multiple choice, rating, or comment questions
  • target training based on job roles
    • create job roles, assign competencies to each job role, and attach courses and/or tests to each competency
  • deliver training through scheduled events
    • create once-off or recurring training events for targeted individuals or groups
    • include any combination of courses, tests, and/or surveys
    • send automatic notifications before training starts
    • assign multiple trainers with responsibility for different respondents
  • get training results, quickly and easily
    • automatically grade test questions (other than text entry questions)
    • display completed test or survey results, for each respondent and globally for a training event
  • address competency gaps
    • assign corrective action (CAPA) tasks with deadlines
    • automatically send reminders and escalate unresolved tasks
    • close CAPA processes after evaluating effectiveness
  • review training records and reports
    • store and automatically update training records (training activity outside of isoTracker can also be recorded)
    • review historical training events, spot trends, and identify areas for improvement

Video guides: How to use our Training Software

How to create courses:

How to create tests:

How to schedule Training in isoTracker - Part 1:

How to schedule Training in isoTracker – Part 2:

Running an isoTracker Training program:

Using the corrective action feature for a Training program – Part 1:

Using the corrective action feature for a Training program – Part 2:

See for yourself – isoTracker is affordable & easy to use

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