Document Control Software

Document Control Software

The isoTracker Document Control module provides automated version control, approval workflow, restrictive access, review reminders, archiving and a full audit history.

Using the module, you can:

  • speed up the review and approval workflow processes, with documents moving from one step to the next automatically
  • restrict access to documents on the basis of functional, geographic or “need to know” requirements
  • provide up-to-date data on document status, with readily available performance metrics
  • reduce compliance costs through electronic signatures, revision control and audit trails.

The Document Control module can be used as a standalone product. Alternatively, it can be seamlessly integrated with one or more other isoTracker quality management modules.

Why is automated document control important?

  • Document control is an essential part of any organization’s quality management or compliance system.
  • For modern organizations, a manual or paper-based process for managing policies and documents is time-consuming, costly and prone to mistakes and security breaches.
  • Traditional, onsite software also has disadvantages. It can be expensive and time-consuming to implement. It can also result in a fragmented, inefficient system, in which different components can’t interoperate.
  • Our web-based Document Control module is a convenient solution. It provides a central document repository, integrated workflow tools, automated notifications and integrated analytics and reports.
  • It also offers a secure structure where access to documents can be restricted and data can be protected through encryption and regular backups.

A central online repository for documents

  • Supports uploading of individual documents and bulk uploads
  • Supports document searches using keywords and document classifications
  • Makes it possible to view documents online, from anywhere in the world.

Full document activity history

  • Provides complete, automated version control
  • Tracks and records all revisions, approvals and change requests
  • Records details of who performs each activity, with the date and time.

Automated workflow management

  • Automatically moves documents from one step to the next in your workflow
  • Lets you create workflow rules based on document types
  • Supports sequential and non-sequential approval process rules
  • Enables scheduling of delayed publishing, for after approval
  • Lets you schedule automatic reminders to review documents.

Secure archiving of documents

  • Automatically archives old versions of documents
  • Maintains a record of all historical document-related data for internal and external audits

Advanced document security

  • Encryption of all documents on servers and during transit
  • Daily backups to servers in a different geographical location
  • Support for permission-based access control based on groups, departments, locations or other criteria.

Automatic task notifications and records of incomplete tasks

  • Automated email notifications for ensuring tasks are completed on time
  • Ability to identify any outstanding tasks by employee, document or task name.

Fast and easy implementation

  • Set your system up within minutes
  • We will, of course, help you but you can easily do it without us.

A central office with improved access and consistency

  • Store all your documents in one secure location with encryption and daily backups
  • Access documents consistently from anywhere in the world
  • Follow consistent workflow processes throughout your organization.

Faster, more efficient reviews and approvals

  • Automate document review and approval processes
  • Provide approvers with automated, task-based email notifications
  • Quickly track and follow up on outstanding reviews and approvals.

Document version control

  • Ensure that only the latest, approved versions are used across the organization
  • Easily archive older versions of documents and restrict access to approved staff members.

Achieve standards compliance

  • Effortlessly comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001

How to assign permissions:

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How to add a document:

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