Why Consider isoTracker’s New Non-Conformance Management Software?

Why Consider isoTracker’s New Non-Conformance Management Software?
February 11, 2019 seouser
non-conformance management software

Our recently released Non-Conformance Management module adds a welcome new dimension to isoTracker’s quality management software.

It dramatically simplifies the processes involved in identifying, recording and resolving defects and deviations from specifications.

It also integrates seamlessly with isoTracker’s other modules, including those for document control, audit management, complaints management and training management.

What is non-conformance management?

A non-conformance occurs when a product, service, or process fails to meet a particular standard, industry regulation, or defined specification.

It might take the form of a defect, deviation, failure, or mistake.

Non-conformance management is the process of identifying, recording, investigating, and resolving non-conformances.

Business effects of non-conformances

Non-conformances have these negative effects:

  • they waste money, time, and resources
  • they may compromise an organization’s reputation
  • they may lead to loss of business and customer dissatisfaction
  • they reduce efficiency and productivity
  • they may prevent compliance with statutes and standards.

Why your business should consider a non-conformance management system

Managing non-conformances is a key element of any effective quality management system.

To an extent, managing non-conformances is intrinsic to any role that involves oversight.

The problem is that too often, it happens on an ad hoc basis. It also suffers if resources are strained, leaving staff faced with constantly “fighting fires” instead of being able to address issues proactively.

It becomes inevitable that some non-conformances slip through the net.

Also, without complete, properly maintained records, your organization loses the opportunity to learn from issues and be proactive in addressing them.

A non-conformance management system simplifies and centralizes the process. It ensures that every non-conformance is properly recorded and, where appropriate, addressed.

Key features of our non-conformance management module

isoTracker’s non-conformance management software features:

  • a cloud-based platform for recording non-compliances
  • corrective and preventive action (CAPA) features for assigning, tracking, and closing CAPA requests
  • automated task notifications
  • workflows, for ensuring nothing is overlooked
  • real-time data and analytics.

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