System Approach to Quality Management

System Approach to Quality Management
October 6, 2011 seouser
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For any organisation considering the implantation of quality management strategies, certain quality management principles need to be considered. One such principle is system approach, which determines the identification, understanding and management of a system of interrelated processes for any goals that will improve the organisation’s efficiency. This approach plays an important role in any continuous improvement process, offering great benefit to the organisation.

Key Benefits to System Approach

The primary benefits of system approach in regards to quality management can be seen on a short and long term scale. These benefits include the following:

  • Incorporation and configuration of processes that will best ensure return on investment.
  • Capacity to concentrate efforts on the primary processes.
  • Giving confidence to relevant parties in regards to the reliability, success and efficiency of the organisation.

Steps to Achieving System Approach

There are five steps that comprise of the system approach, with each step assisting organisations to achieve more effective systems within their operations and goals. These steps include the following:

  1. Outline the system through the identification or development of specific processes that are able to ensure that certain goals can be achieved.
  2. Organise the system in order to achieve the goal in the most efficient way possible, with a clear plan that can be implemented by relevant parties.
  3. Understand the relationship among each one of the separate processes of the system, and how they interrelate to form a complete system.
  4. Continuously expand the system through reporting, goal measurement and regular system evaluation.
  5. Evaluate the resources that will be required to implement processes, to determine resource constraints before implementation of each process within the system.

When these steps are taken into consideration during the development of systems within the organisation, processes will be far more effective. This in turn will assist with achieving quality management and continuous improvement within the workplace through efficient systems.

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