The Role of Process Approach in Quality Management

The Role of Process Approach in Quality Management
September 26, 2011 seouser
Quality Management Process approach

The role of process approach plays an important part of any quality management strategy. An important goal of any organization is to develop and implement strategies that enhance the ability to consistently deliver a quality product or service. As such, a process approach where all resources and tasks are identified, analyzed and allocated to each step of the production process will more effectively deliver the desired results.

The important elements of a process approach for achieving quality management success include the following:

  1. Define the process to achieve the needed results – a process needs to be defined and described in details with the required results identified.
  2. Identify and quantify the inputs and outputs of the process – the inputs of a process would include human resource, energy and materials while the outputs would comprise work in-progress product and finished product or service.
  3. Identify where the process interacts with the various organisational functions – The elements of a process will interface with various functional areas and these need to be identified as well as being quantified for an effective quality management procedure.
  4. Estimate potential risks, outcomes and impact – this concerns how customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are affected by the process at each phase of its implementation.
  5. Set key responsibility – for a process to be effectively planned and implemented, specific responsibility, authority and scope will need to be clearly laid out for each individual with a role in the process.
  6. Determine key stakeholders of the process – internal and external customers, suppliers and other stakeholders who are involved in the process and its delivery should be identified.
  7. Process resources – various elements need to be taken into account when developing a process approach, with numerous steps, tasks, flows, control tactics, training requirements, tools, approaches, data, supplies and any other resources that will enable the process to be effectively implemented.

A Process approach plays a vital role for any company striving towards continuous improvement. To ensure the best results from your various processes, each of the steps above should be implemented into your quality management strategy.

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