How Process Visibility Aids Continuous Improvement

How Process Visibility Aids Continuous Improvement
June 30, 2011 seouser
Continuous Improvement

Some of the steps required for the visibility of processes include the following:

  • Documentationdocument control offers the most efficient and simple way to document any process within an organisation. This could be a formal process manual or even a simple list of tasks that need to be performed. Process documentation can then be sent to all employees and decision makers who are involved in implementing the processes, and kept on record, to be updated as changes are required. This will also ensure that there is always proof available, which aims to foster continuous improvement by ensuring a set protocol across the organisation.
  • Diagrams – diagrams offer a visual representation of the process steps, which shows the process in action along with each step that needs to be performed by various employees and managers. By adding visual representations within the processes documentation, process steps can also be simplified and made clearer to all involved.
  • Sharing – sending a process manual via email is often not enough to ensure understanding at all levels. The most effective way to ensure total visibility and understanding of processes is done through training, one-on-one facilitation and through tools that make it easier for employees to access the processes and understand them fully.

Effective processes are an essential part of any improvement campaign, and as such, every organisation needs to have a way for processes to be accessed, understood and implemented, thereby aiding continuous improvement within the organisation’s systems at all time.

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