How to Develop a Quality Management System

How to Develop a Quality Management System
February 19, 2012 seouser
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Help with Quality Management Systems

The isoTracker software assists companies in creating effective strategies for continuous improvement and adhering to the ISO standards relating to document control and quality management. Ways that these tools will assist your QMS include the following:

  • Document Control – ensure that current and archived versions of documents are easily accessed, with user control settings to manage edits, deletions and other changes by authorised employees or managers.
  • Complaints Management – log and track complaints from start through to completion, while also performing investigations, identifying root causes, reporting non-conformance and issuing CAPA requests.
  • Audit Management – do comprehensive audits on documents or processes, with the ability to schedule multiple audits, raise non-conformance, issue corrective and preventive actions and view audit histories.
  • Competency Testing – improve staff knowledge through competency testing software that identifies competencies and matches them to jobs, schedules assessments and records results.
  • Non-Conformance Management – Ensure consistency through the identification and handling of noncompliance within the workplace, thereby ensuring a higher level of quality across the board, with fewer issues.
  • Corrective and Preventive Actions – correct and prevent mistakes accordingly with actions set out by ISO standards that promote a more effective way to handle noncompliance.

Offering all of the quality management tools that you need to begin and implement a QMS, the isoTracker solution gives you the right tools to meet your goals.  

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