What Big Brands Can Teach You about Selling Quality Management

What Big Brands Can Teach You about Selling Quality Management
August 21, 2014 seouser
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The Big Brand Approach to Quality Management

Bringing your company (and other companies) on board to the quality management revolution should be as simple as seeing the many benefits offered by this system. In reality though, sometimes a bit more of a push is needed to get the message across. Some of the ways that big brands understand how to promote their ideas include the following:

  • Understand the target audience. The majority of brands – big and small – know their market well. Products and services are designed to attract and retain their ideal market, with positioning strategies used to put their brands top of mind. Selling the idea of quality strategies to company leaders often boils down to understanding what management want. What are the benefits that will be of most value to your company? What short and long term ROI can they expect to see? If you can link your company’s needs to your message, you will ensure a greater chance of management listening to your ideas.
  • Position the idea correctly. Another thing that big brands are good at is packaging and positioning their product well. They know that packaging and communication go hand in hand, with both helping to position the product ideally. Likewise, those wanting to package the idea of quality to present to management can look at the best ways to position the ideas in a way that will make management sit up and take notice. Present in a simple, easy to understand way that focuses on value and bottom line, and that pitch will become far easier.
  • Deliver on promises made. While Coca-Cola and Apple may not make that many big promises to their audience, they always keep the ones they do make. Each iOS and device brought out by Apple is constantly better than the last one. Likewise, everyone knows that a cold Coke will always do the trick on a hot day. Promising instant results with a quality plan is great, but unless you can back that up with real-time results, it is best not to make the promise in the first place.

Of course, brands have plenty of other things on their plates to deal with aside from the goal of selling. For quality management professionals and those aiming to get their leaders on board with quality strategies, the selling process is half the battle… but a very important part that should nonetheless be taken seriously.

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