Document Control Software for Hospitals, Clinics, and Private Practices

Document Control Software for Hospitals, Clinics, and Private Practices
December 5, 2018 seouser
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Personnel at hospitals, clinics and medical practices can get a bit overwhelmed at times and understandably so. Busy and chaotic moments are just part of the job, but this is when documentation can feel like an unwanted complication.

Because paperwork is such an important part of the system, it’s vital to have document control software to make sure this part of the process is quick and efficient, accurate, and compliant with applicable regulations.

Compliance requirements and challenges

The healthcare industry is strictly regulated with a variety of regulations, such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), being enforced. These regulations protect both healthcare professionals and their patients.

Most of these regulations require strict document control in order to protect patients’ medical records, increase confidentiality and ensure proper authentication. One slip up when it comes to adherence can result in steep penalties. This is where document control software can help hospitals, clinics and private medical practices.

The benefits of document control software for the healthcare industry

Document control software is specifically designed to improve workflow and increase productivity when it comes to paperwork. Here are some of the benefits you can expect.

Increased productivity

Workflows with automation and custom rules based on the type of document streamline the entire record keeping process. Finding and retrieving patient records is also significantly quicker using search terms relevant to the patient.

Better patient care

Better access to records results in better patient care because medical practitioners have more time to spend with their patients. Creation, filing and retrieval of a patient’s documentation are quicker and more streamlined.

Reduced costs

Managing documentation electronically saves money on physical storage space, the costs of printing and reduces the need for additional staff to help maintain records. Everything can be accessed and managed electronically and from any terminal with access.

Less human error

Having all documentation in one secure location eliminates the risk of data loss or records getting misfiled. It also reduces miscommunication or duplication of information because all personnel are accessing the same file, in the same location.

Improved security

The system records all data with regards to access, so there is always a trail of when a document was accessed and by whom. You can also restrict each user’s access to documentation on a ‘need to know’ basis.

Better compliance

Compliance is one of the top benefits of document control software because it offers enhanced auditing capabilities, data security and better confidentiality which are prime concerns for regulatory bodies.

Document control software from isoTracker

isoTracker offers modular, cloud-based quality management software, including document control software, that’s ideal for hospitals, clinics and private practices. This software can stand alone or be integrated with other isoTracker quality management modules.

Our document control software provides automated version control and approval workflows, fine-grained document access control, review reminders, archiving and a full audit history. It supports effortless compliance with record-keeping and document management requirements.

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