Should You Consider Hiring a Document Controller?

Should You Consider Hiring a Document Controller?
September 18, 2013 seouser

If you have a document control system in place, it may be currently managed by an IT manager, office manager or even receptionist. The thought of seeking out a dedicated document controller might not seem like it is worth considering, but when you look a bit closer at what this role entails, you may start to realize the potential value in such a role. As a fairly new job description, document controllers are starting to become in demand for a variety of companies across the world. Large scale engineering, manufacturing, production, warehousing, logistics and even corporate businesses and smaller companies are beginning to realize the importance of best practices when it comes to document management. Not surprisingly, part of this process is employing a dedicated professional to oversee the procedure. Simply put, the main goal of a document controller is to manage company documents. This applies to incoming and outgoing documents, which are reviewed and organized properly. This person is also responsible for software tools relating to the management of documents, while also having the authority to ensure that access levels are correctly given to relevant members of staff as needed.

Document Management Tasks, Requirements and Skills

Of course, the person in charge of document control needs to be able to perform day to day tasks, using the specialized training and experience they have developed, along with specific skills that apply to the job at hand. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a dedicated document controller for your company could include the following:

1. Basic Job Overview

  • Manage document control procedures across the board for all types of documents and files;
  • Ensure that document information is correctly input and that versions stay up to date at all times;
  • Generate reports as required for all documents stored electronically;
  • Oversee written procedures, policies and other documents;
  • Ensure that current versions of documents are readily available and accessible to relevant staff members and managers;
  • Maintain current records and history of all approved documents in a clear and organized manner.

2. Education and Training

  • Minimum qualification of Vocational Diploma/Certificate from a 2 year Technical/University course;
  • Minimum of 3 years related work experience in document management and office admin;
  • Clear understanding of company industry, procedures and policies

3. Skills and Competency

  • Working knowledge of spreadsheets, databases, word processing tools and document software;
  • Capability to keep consistent, meticulous records and reports;
  • Excellent computer skills and data input abilities;
  • Capability to manage workload and develop clear filing and management tactics;
  • Excellent communication skills.

Another option that you may want to keep in mind is training current employees to take a dedicated role such as document controller. Office managers who may show a good understanding of how your software tools work, or admin assistants who are willing to learn the ropes can benefit hugely from specialized training – this also acts as a solid investment for the company too. Ultimately, taking a bit of time to determine whether or not such a role would help streamline your processes will go a long way in getting better results from your document control strategies – something that will never fail to add value.