Choosing Document Management Software for Your Small to Medium Business: 6 No-Nonsense Features to Prioritize

Choosing Document Management Software for Your Small to Medium Business: 6 No-Nonsense Features to Prioritize
October 7, 2020 seouser
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The right document management (DM) software for a small to medium business (SMBs) can improve efficiency, prevent mistakes and help ensure compliance – as well as save you headaches.

Here are six document management software features that SMBs should prioritize.

1. Affordability

The document management software you choose must be competitively priced and affordable.

Avoid expensive, complex systems with unnecessary functions.

Try out the software before investing in it. Most vendors offer a minimum of a 14-day free trial.

At isoTracker, you can register for a 60-day free trial of our full version.

Our subscription model includes flexibly priced options for companies of different sizes.

The isoTracker DM system is modular, so you only pay for the modules you require.

2. Security

Security should be top of mind when considering a new DM system.

SMBs may not see an immediate need for compliance or legal and security concerns, but you can’t afford to underestimate cybersecurity risks.

Invest in a DM system with advanced security and backup features to future-proof your business.

Advanced security features, such as audit trails, advanced permission capabilities and authentication, as well as file retention tools, must be mandatory.

Your DM system should provide tools for preventing permanent file deletion and a secure archive solution.

At isoTracker, our DM system:

  • automatically archives old versions of documents
  • maintains a record of all historical document-related data for internal and external audits
  • encrypts all documents on servers and during transit
  • performs daily backups to servers in a different geographical location
  • supports permission-based access control based on groups, departments, locations or other criteria.

3. Easy document searching

A DM system should be able to store and organize documents – and have a smart search feature based on keyword and data classification.

This saves time – and frustration.

At isoTracker, our DM system offers a central online repository for documents and supports uploading of individual documents and bulk uploads.

Document searches can be made using keywords and document classifications.

Personnel can view documents online, from anywhere and any time.

4. Automated approval workflows

It’s important to be able to route specific types of documents to personnel who need to complete or approve them.

This eliminates errors and improves oversight and efficiency.

At isoTracker, our automated workflow management:

  • automatically moves documents from one step to the next in your workflow
  • lets you create workflow rules based on document types
  • supports sequential and non-sequential approval process rules
  • enables scheduling of delayed publishing, for after approval
  • lets you schedule automatic reminders to review documents
  • gives automatic task notifications and records of incomplete tasks
  • allows automated email notifications for ensuring tasks are completed on time
  • identifies any outstanding tasks by employee, document or task name.

5. Full tracking of document activity

Tracking changes to documents stored in a shared folder on a corporate server is nearly impossible for users, as is maintaining and evaluating an audit trail.

It’s essential that document management software for small to medium business is able to fully track document activity for compliance with standards and regulations.

At isoTracker, our DM system has full document activity history, with functions that:

  • provide complete, automated version control
  • track and record all revisions, approvals, and change requests
  • record details of who performs each activity, with the date and time
  • is designed specifically to aid and validate compliance with ISO standards, as well as GMP and FDA compliance.

6. Integration with other business and quality management functions

A DM system acts as a lynchpin to other business processes by feeding data and functionality into other applications.

Document management software for a small or medium business must be able to integrate with other business systems and quality management functions.

Integrated applications increase efficiency and accuracy.

At isoTracker, our document management module can stand alone or integrate with our other quality management software.


isoTracker offers modular, subscription-based quality management software that’s secure, cloud-based and affordable. It includes a document control module, as well as complaints management, audit management, and training modules, with built-in CAPA capabilities.

Digital quality management is one, straightforward way for small to medium manufacturing businesses to start realizing value from Industry 4.0 – and with isoTracker’s QMS, it’s easy and cost-effective to implement.

Sign up for a free 60-day trial of isoTracker’s quality management software or contact us to discuss your needs.

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