Can Document Control Improve Customer Service?

Can Document Control Improve Customer Service?
March 27, 2014 seouser

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Document Control

In addition to dedicated or integrated tools such as customer complaints management software, your document control system can help to improve your interaction with customers at all times – whether they have lodged a complaint or not. Here are some of the ways that this tool can vamp up your customer care strategies…

  • Customer information remains secure and confidential

Back in the old days, customer information was kept on paper, in files, in large filing cabinets, in dusty back rooms. Today, digital filing has made life far simpler, allowing information to be kept securely in a centrally accessible, remote system. Using a document management tool, customer data can be updated easily to the most recent version, ensuring fewer chances of error, increased security, and thanks to user access permissions, better confidentiality too. This goes a long way in providing peace of mind as well as greater trust in your company.

  • Response times are kept as short as possible

At the same time, a virtual document system makes it far easier to respond quickly, as customer information can be accessed quickly and simply. When a customer calls to ask a question, get further information on their account or make any other query, they can remain on the line without being put on hold or having to hang up in frustration. As countless surveys have shown, quick response times are one of the most often given wishes when it comes to customer care expectations. By meeting this need, you are sure to make the right impression.

  • Processes are kept visible at all times

Another common issue that customers regularly cite is dealing with multiple people to have their questions answered. All too often, processes are only visible to a specific member of staff – if that person is not available, information cannot be accessed and the customer cannot be helped. With a good document control tool, documents can easily be retrieved and sent by any employee to the customer, with processes visible at all times. In this way, customers are kept up to date on their query’s process, thereby ensuring even more peace of mind.

  • Complaints and queries are routed promptly and properly

In addition to your customer complaints tool, it is possible to add comments and assign people to review or approve changes in customer documentation with your document tool. This helps to streamline the process when queries are made – even when they are not complaints, and are simpler questions or account changes, updated address or details or any other communication. Automation makes things easier still, allowing routing to take place simply and efficiently. Dealing with customers does not have to be an admin nightmare – especially if you put your document control software to use in order to make the process as simple as possible.