A Day in the Life of a Quality Management Professional

A Day in the Life of a Quality Management Professional
March 31, 2015 seouser
day in the life of quality manager

The ideal day in a quality professional’s day would start nice and early. When arriving at the office, co-workers, managers and employees are ready and gathered in the meeting room, waiting to be briefed on the tasks lined up for the day. Only positive, helpful input is provided, and the meeting wraps up on time with everyone feeling excited to get things started. After logging in to the company QMS software dashboard, data from the current week’s CAPA (corrective and preventative action) reports is pulled up for review and approval. Review of the company’s recent audit results is also needed, while some new processes need to be created and sent to top management for review as well. A round of competency assessments need to be scheduled with junior sales employees who are under review for promotion, so those are taken care of quickly with the help of the automated system installed in the office. Before long, the day is nearly over. The quality manager leaves, feeling happy in the knowledge of what has been accomplished. But of course, a more realistic day may look just a tiny bit different.

A Realistic Day of Quality Management

Arriving at the office in time for the 08h00 meeting, only a few people have gathered in the meeting room. The managers all seem to be missing, and a few employees are running late. Once the meeting gets underway half an hour later, only three quarters of the attendees are actively listening. There is some back and forth about a new policy that is planned to be implemented, but no-one has any positive input that offers helpful solutions or feedback. Eventually, the meeting is finished. After signing off on the week’s CAPA reports, it becomes apparent that someone has made unauthorised changes to the new document management process that was put into play last week. Before anything can be done, the dreaded blue screen of death appears on the monitor. As the QMS software is only installed on a single computer, this means that IT has to be called to come and resolve the problem. Finally, audit results and CAPA reports can be accessed and reviewed, but by now it is already well after lunch and things are running behind. When trying to schedule upcoming competency tests, the outdated system will not reflect changes, and without being aware of it, notifications are not sent as planned. By this time, it is well past closing time and everyone else seems to have left. As it is Friday, this means waiting until Monday to get IT to fix the glitch in the scheduling tool, and competency testing will therefore have to be moved yet again.

Luckily, a Quality Management System Can Fix Things…

The good news is that, with the help of a good automated quality system that can be implemented across the company, your in-house or outsourced quality manager will not have to dread having one of ‘those’ days again. As these tools are setup and accessed through a centralised, remote dashboard that simply requires an internet connection, things do not have to be as stressful. Features such as permission based user access, automated notifications, easy scheduling and standardised processes ensure that all quality management tasks can be done quickly, simply and effectively.

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