Which Industries Benefit Most from CAPA Software?

Which Industries Benefit Most from CAPA Software?
March 21, 2013 seouser
capa transport sector

Understanding the Need for Corrective and Preventive Action Software

Every industry that employs people will at some time or another have to think about non-compliance, and how to deal with that non-compliance. But with that said, the factors surrounding potential violations are quite different for each type of company, as the examples below show:

  • Transport Sector – from planes to cars and any other transport manufacturing and operation, non-compliance puts a far greater risk of safety issues into the equation. All it takes is one person to make one mistake – on a massive Boeing that is currently en route across the ocean, or on the auto parts supply belt that is fitting hundreds of cars bound for our busy roads. How will those mistakes be handled when and if they happen?
  • Pharmaceutical Sector – another industry that relies heavily on people and conformance is the pharmaceutical sector. Even though these companies have to answer to the FDA and other governing bodies, a single mistake in dosage, ingredients or even overall environment of the lab can be deadly to say the least – even if they happen only during clinical trials.
  • Medical Devices – what about the machines that help keep patients alive? Or the equipment that monitors life? Heart monitors, hearing aids, life support systems… even incubators. Doctors have benefited hugely from the advancements in equipment over the past decade. Ultimately however, these devices are still operated, inserted and controlled by people. They are also made by people too – a mistake or deliberate violation on the manufacturing chain has dire consequences that cannot be risked.

These are just some worst case scenarios of course. Most organisations (especially corporates) may not have to worry about losing lives when rules are not followed, but at the very least, other things such as business, customers and sales can however be lost. If all of those industries are able to benefit from CAPA software, doesn’t it stand to reason that your business will too?

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