What Qualities Should be Addressed During Competency Testing?

What Qualities Should be Addressed During Competency Testing?
September 25, 2013 seouser

Competency testing is not just something to think about for new employees – it’s also something to schedule on a routine basis in order to check that your team is truly adding value to your company. While there are many different skills that may be tested, depending on the type of assessment, the employee in question and even company culture and industry, there are certain qualities that play a big role in overall value. More obvious competencies such as driving skills in a transportation business go without saying – even on the job skills are pretty straight-forward in that regard. How do you know whether your employees will be good team players however? And are you testing their personal skills along with their problem-solving abilities?

Competency Assessment Focus Areas

The following are just five qualities that you could consider during competency assessment, to determine whether you have the right people for the job.

1. Communication Qualities:

  • Understands and implements feedback and instructions;
  • Understands written and verbal information, and applies to tasks as needed;
  • Communicates effectively verbally with easy to understand language;
  • Communicates well in writing with language that can be understood by reader.

2. Cognition Qualities:

  • Studies information in order to make decisions and solve problems;
  • Presents ideas that aim to provide realistic solutions to challenges at work;
  • Able to make decisions in an informed, timely way, considering facts, risks and objectives;
  • Understands and applies mathematical techniques for problem solving;
  • Able to address more complex challenges efficiently;
  • Able to use data that has been collected and analysed in order to make factual decisions.

3. Personal Qualities

  • Responsible for work quality output as well as deadline management;
  • Adaptive to changing responsibilities and conditions in the workplace;
  • High attention to detail and quality when completing tasks;
  • Maintains customer satisfaction in designated role within the company;
  • Constant commitment to learning and improvement;
  • Displays honesty and professionalism in every interaction with client, co-workers and management;
  • Results-driven, with the knowledge of how best to achieve outcomes in the most effective manner;
  • Follows all company laws, regulations, standards and practices;
  • Keeps composure in stressful times and situations;
  • Tactfully able to manage tough interpersonal situations.

4. Occupational Qualities

  • Influences support and implementation of ideas, causes and other tasks;
  • Adheres to governmental laws, rules and regulations, with actions enforced in a fair manner;
  • Empowers supportive and productive interactions with fellow co-workers;
  • Convinces others to follow recommendations to ensure their compliance with office policies;
  • Asks questions in order to make information as clear and reliable as possible;
  • Ability to compromise or make deals;
  • Works with clients to resolve issues or challenges effectively.

5. Management Qualities

  • Ability to align the organization with its direction, products/services and performance goals;
  • Empowers co-workers to thrive through feedback, instruction and reassurance.
  • Meets company goals, while showing others how to achieve results;
  • Adheres to financial regulations and standards when processing any financial transactions;
  • Manages ideas and resources effectively to meet goals;
  • Manages employees and empowers them to succeed;
  • Able to see the bigger picture.

A good employee is one who is not just ‘one dimensional’. Just like every person is multi-faceted and complex, so are the qualities that every employee brings to the company. By understanding the types of qualities that will ultimately affect efficiency in the workplace, you will be able to significantly fine-tune your competency assessment strategy.