The Importance of Non-Conformance Management

The Importance of Non-Conformance Management
March 22, 2011 seouser
non conformance management

Non-conformance management software provides a set of features that allows employees to manage and control the non-conformance of products and processes that are part of a quality management program from identification, to tracking of remedial action, identification of root cause, CAPA resolution and closure. As part of a quality management system, non-conformance managing software is essential in assisting in managing all steps in the non-conformance process, allowing staff to generate corrective actions and preventive actions that are linked to the original non-conformance assigning responsibility and required action with specific due dates.

This system integrates into important processes of a quality management program such as document management, document handling, ISO audit management, complaints management, issue management and competency testing, making it easy to manage all of these systems from one flexible web-based browser. Another essential aspect of non-conformance management software is that the system is configurable and routes a non-conformance with its root cause, activating corrective and preventive steps as they are required. This results in a comprehensive quality management suite that maximises enterprise compliance.

The main importance of non-conformance management lies in its ability to handle and resolve compliance related tasks. The software is able to alert relevant employees and managers when non-conformance issues are detected, and alerts can also be sent to suppliers if they are given access to the software. This goes on to enable effective team work by staff and stakeholders to deal with the issue at hand in an efficient and time sensitive way, this is facilitated by features that allow for easy browsing of all relevant information and prior communication with the benefits of task notifications, reminders and escalations if the due dates are exceeded.

Other major benefits of non-conformance management software include the following:

  • Reduced disruptions
  • Decreased product quality costs
  • Improved consistency and quality
  • Optimisation of quality control and non-conformance management
  • Increased enterprise collaboration
  • Rapid deployment
  • Decreased regulatory risk

This software is especially helpful in the case of industries that rely on sensitive documents, who require a full-service quality management solution, and when used along with additional products such as complaints management, audit management and document management tools, non-conformance management is one of the best ways to ensure that regulatory and standards compliance is met at all times.

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