Must a Non-Conformance Be Followed By a Corrective Action?

Must a Non-Conformance Be Followed By a Corrective Action?
April 19, 2011 seouser
corrective action

  • Preventative Action – this incorporates measures to prevent non-conformance from happening again.
  • Corrective Action – This incorporates corrective measure to handle the non-conformance that has occurred.

Non-conformance management software is the most effective way for organisations to not only identify cases of non-compliance within the organisation, but to also identify the performance levels and consequences of lack of conformance. For instance, if the incident occurred during data capture, reports will be able to identify the nature of the non-compliance. This could occur in the case of a new employee who had not been fully trained, or document control protocol could have been breached in the case of more sensitive data. The action that follows in this instance largely depends on the nature and seriousness of the offense. If the offense was a once off occurrence, and is shown to have happened due to a lack of training or other reason, then preventative action is generally more suitable. However, if reports show that there is a repeated level of non-compliance and that the incident has caused harm to the organisation; corrective action is the best course of action to ensure that the employee in question is disciplined according to company protocols and regulations. Simply put, the nature of the event is the key factor in determining the course of action. To ensure that managers are able to enforce company protocol fully and effectively, non-conformance management software is an essential tool that no company can do without.

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