Moving Company Training Online: Advantages of Training Management Software

Moving Company Training Online: Advantages of Training Management Software
September 10, 2020 seouser
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Moving company training online – as many businesses have been forced to do by the COVID-19 pandemic – has many advantages.

Training management software can actually make virtual training the more efficient option.

Fast development of multimedia training

Training management software helps you develop training courses that include multimedia-training materials with sound files, links to videos, presentations and other training documents.

You can build tests with multiple-choice, true or false, or answer entry questions.

If you need to establish the current level of staff knowledge so you can build an effective training course, you can build surveys to get a baseline.

Alignment of training with required competencies

Training can be built to align with a specific job role by assigning competencies to each role.

The appropriate training course/s are then used to ensure those specific competencies are met.

This way, your staff focuses primarily on acquiring the skills for their job role first.

They can consider other training courses when they have the time or change job roles.

Easy delivery of company training

The software allows you to schedule training events for specific individuals or groups who need ongoing training.

Any combination of courses, tests or surveys can be added to these events.

The system will send out automatic notifications about training sessions.

Both trainers and staff members are prepared and can avoid missing any training sessions.

More agile company training

Using training software allows you to center your training processes around the needs of your staff, instead of forcing processes on them that might not be effective.

This agile approach prioritizes people over processes by looking at individual roles and establishing what training approach best suits the person in that role.

This delivers a better outcome and is more easily facilitated with training management software.

Fast, accurate assessment

Tests can be graded automatically by the system, so you get the results of training sessions almost immediately.

Results can be displayed per respondent and per training event depending on your requirements.

Fast turnaround on testing and results means you can assess the effectiveness of a training session as soon as it’s completed.

Any changes to the course materials can be implemented before the next training event.

CAPA features for addressing competency gaps

The software has built-in corrective action capabilities (CAPA), so you can easily assign CAPA tasks with deadlines to address any competency gaps as they arise.

The system will automatically send reminders about unresolved tasks, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Once resolved, these tasks act as proof that corrective actions were taken.

This is often a requirement for ISO compliance.

Always up-to-date training records

All training actions made through the software are automatically kept up-to-date and stored on the cloud.

Training activities outside of the software can be added to the records.

This allows you to review previous training outcomes, spot problematic trends and identify areas for improvement.

The software also makes it easy to access training records for audits.

This is important for compliance with ISO standards.


At isoTracker, we offer modular, cloud-based quality management software, including training software that enables you to move company training online.

Our training software module helps you plan and implement effective online training sessions for your staff. This software can stand alone or it can be integrated with other isoTracker quality management modules.

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