Industries Using ISO Standards

Industries Using ISO Standards
June 6, 2012 seouser
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  • Manufacturing companies – the manufacturing of products requires stringent processes and procedures across the company. Standardisation can assist this industry by enabling a suitable system to improve the level of quality across products and services. Quality manuals and process documentation can be developed to serve as a guideline for factory improvement strategies.
  • Non-profit companies – non-profit and welfare agencies need to ensure a greater level of transparency for their clients and stakeholders. The ISO 9000 standards ensure that procedures are clearly outlined and implemented, for more effective processes and systems.
  • Processing plants – chemical and other processing plants need to consider environmental standards as well as health, safety and quality standards. As these organisations are typically large with multiple employees at various levels, standardisation is vital to ensure that an efficient quality management system (QMS) is in place.
  • Legal organisations – lawyers and other legal practices rely on processes and systems in each aspect of the workplace. Client management processes need to be developed and implemented, while additional services such as international laws may also need to be taken into account.
  • Financial organisations – banks and other financial organisations also require clear processes that dictate customer service. Processes for non-conformance and customer complaints are essential in these industries, which deal with customers directly on a daily basis. Clearly defined terminology and tasks need to be determined in order for bank employees across all levels to contribute towards an effective QMS.

Standardisation is the best way to provide transparent processes that can be incorporated into the overall company guidelines. Addressing non-compliance and other potential problem areas will also assist in achieving a higher level of quality management in any industry.