How to Reduce Manufacturing Costs with Quality Management

How to Reduce Manufacturing Costs with Quality Management
October 8, 2014 seouser
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  1. Improved Strategies and Processes

    Taking a fresh, strategic approach to processes is the first step in identifying ways to cut down on costs across the manufacturing process. It enables a new and improved way of evaluating staff, resources and processes, through tools such as auditing and document control for instance. By finding better ways to do things, it also becomes easier to find cheaper ways to do things.

  2. Improved Customer Understanding and Service

    Another way that a quality system helps cut down costs is by providing a better understanding of customer needs, and an improved system to reducing and managing complaints. By identifying simpler techniques through customer feedback, wasted resources can be avoided without compromising quality levels.

  3. Focuses on Prevention rather than Correction

    One of the most cost-effective approaches is focusing on preventing issues instead of correcting issues that have already happened. CAPA functionalities are greatly improved with a good quality system, helping to identify potential compliance issues before they become expensive problems.

  4. Reduced Chronic Waste

    Reducing waste is yet another benefit of quality strategies, helping to cut down on wasted resources to save even more on the bottom line. Through audits, effective training and other tools such as document management, resources are managed more efficiently and waste is greatly reduced at the same time.

  5. Structured Process Improvement

    Process improvement is vital for manufacturers to provide a high level of quality across every aspect of the job. Once costs are reduced, factories and plants can re-invest into the business with structured strategies that are designed to bolster improvement on a continuous basis. As efficiency improves, products and services will also be improved, as well as productivity. This in turn continues the positive growth cycle. Cutting down costs does not have to be as challenging as it seems. By implementing a quality management programme that is targeted for optimal results, manufacturers can enjoy notable cost reduction as well as improved systems.

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