How to Explain the Value of Quality Management Software to Your Boss

How to Explain the Value of Quality Management Software to Your Boss
April 15, 2015 seouser
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  • Increased Profits. Through visibility, automated functionality, company-wide integration, improvement in products, processes and even customer service, reduced resource costs and global standardisation, profit increase is one of the top benefits of using this type of system. As most systems are designed to be used in-house by employees, costs such as consulting, external training and system management are also reduced, further aiding the bottom-line.
  • Reduced Waste. Whether your boss has heard about the ‘lean’ improvement approach or not, everyone will agree that less waste is always a good thing. Taking old-fashioned paper manuals and replacing them with digital alternatives, reducing the need for printers and ink, reducing wasted time among employees who battle with manual processes, providing insight into key functions that can be improved and generally working to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible is all good for the bottom-line.
  • Increased Productivity. Automated processes save time, which equates to saving money in the long run as well. Manual processes can be eliminated, paperwork can be greatly reduced for faster digital filing, superfluous admin staff can be reassigned where they are needed more urgently, day to day tasks can be done in faster time, operations can be greatly simplified and time can be saved on everything from reporting to document management, version control, employee training, audits, CAPA and many other tasks.

In order to get the most from your system however, it is first essential to find a system that is able to do everything that you need – from managing documents to scheduling audits, assigning CAPA tasks, dealing with competency assessments and running your overall quality plan with ease. Once you have found a flexible, scalable solution that can be adapted to your company’s needs, you should have far less trouble getting the boss on board. The value of quality management software will be obvious, even to senior managers who are wary of anything new.

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