How Fifa World Cup Football Teams Could Benefit From Competency Assessment

How Fifa World Cup Football Teams Could Benefit From Competency Assessment
June 12, 2014 seouser
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Competency assessment software has become a valuable tool for organisations all over the world, helping to get the most from employees within the corporate sphere. But it’s not just traditional office businesses that benefit from such tools… Football is a sport that is loved in the UK and almost every other country on the planet. The Premier League alone is viewed by thousands upon thousands of fans, each of whom have their team that they loyally support through the good times and the bad. Imagine how those teams could ramp up their game with a simple competency testing system that helps identify weaknesses, strengths and competency gaps?

Could Competency Testing Help Footie Players?

Whether you are a life-long Man United Fan or would happily sell your soul for Liverpool, even the best of the best could do with a bit of shaping up. How could competency testing help our boys do even better on the field? 1. Document control integration. Like any company, football teams need to document the numerous processes, procedures and tasks that apply for games, training schedules, player line-ups, practice sessions and so on. Document control allows less room for human error, by automating the process and enabling a centrally accessible platform that can be accessed by coaches and captains. This will mean that all players, managers and coaches have a clear view of the processes in place, at all times. 2. Defined training plan. Competency tools automate training plans, which could take the form of on-the-job training, testing, theoretical knowledge and tactical learning. In the case of football teams, training plans should be consolidated so that all training is incorporated simply and easily – refs, admin staff, players and even coach training. With a good software tool, this makes it far simpler when new players are introduced – they are added to the system, and their training plan is set. This levels out the field so to speak, providing all players with the same training system. 3. Automated testing. Testing plays a vital role in any training plan – whether for employees in a blue chip company, or a football player perfecting his “bend it like Beckham” moves. An automated system makes it easier to track testing by linking this feature to training plans – a pass/fail grade can be achieved, determining who needs further testing or training, and who is ready for the big leagues. 4. Integrated CAPA functionality. Considering the number of injuries that get racked up during any given game, not to mention all of those fouls, integrated CAPA (corrective and preventive action) functionality will also help matters greatly. If certain players are notoriously getting yellow and red carded on a regular basis, or if certain issues or events arise in regards to any specific players, or even if that promising new player is letting the team down on a regular basis, issues can be handled quickly before matters worsen on the field. 5. Reporting tools. Reporting tools are essential in any organisation – corporate or sporting. In the case of football, reporting enables the chance to view trends and indicators on players, processes, training and every other area. When games are lost, managers can identify potential areas for improvement, and likewise, risks can be managed more simply too. There is no doubt that competency assessment software helps businesses thrive – wouldn’t it be great to see how your favourite team does with the help of this tool too?