How a Disorganised Quality Management System Wastes Resources

How a Disorganised Quality Management System Wastes Resources
March 23, 2015 seouser

  • Procedures and policies. All types of management systems require clearly defined procedures and policies in order to be effective. These are not just created and updated as the company grows, but also stored and controlled in a way that is accessible to all employees. Training is also provided on the various procedures and policies involved.
  • Accessibility and communications. The accessibility and communication of procedures, policies and instructions needs to be done properly. Distribution through email with notices of revision updates need to be timely and consistent.
  • Storage and revision of data. The way that data is stored applies to all areas of quality. Data should be recorded through a secure platform that allows full control over permissions, as well as reporting tools.
  • Data reporting. As for reporting, this is another common feature that should be present in all management systems used for quality management. Automated systems have the best ability to report accurately – whether it is audit results, CAPA feedback or document tracking.

Collating your individual quality strategies into a fully integrated quality system helps to save a great deal on costs – but as far as saving time, effort and even energy is concerned, integrated quality management systems will always come out tops.

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