Getting Your Team to Comply with Quality Management Systems

Getting Your Team to Comply with Quality Management Systems
January 4, 2013 seouser
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A further investigation showed that the performance gap was found within the packaging department, where small tasks such as product identification, approval of inspection paperwork and use of resources were discovered to not be conducted according to company procedure. All employees are briefed thoroughly on quality management policies across every aspect of the business, and training has been provided where it was needed. Internal audits did not show any obvious knowledge gaps or clear cases of misunderstanding. What is going wrong in this example, and what can be done to ensure that programmes are implemented properly?

Dealing with Quality Management Non-Compliance

There are a few ways that non-compliance can be addressed when it comes to your quality management systems being implemented effectively. These include the following:

  • Preventative Action – if it is clear that non-compliance is not a result of lack of training or misunderstanding, determining the root cause may allow for preventative action.
  • Corrective Action – dealing with non-compliance with a standard corrective action request once specific employees have been investigated.
  • Incentive Action – some believe that a more positive action such as motivation or incentive could help to ensure that systems are implemented.

The best course of action is to treat each incident as a unique case, and determine action according to the circumstances, level of non-compliance and other factors that may arise during the course of the investigation. If it is a case of competency, then specific measures can be taken accordingly. If motivation plays a role, incentives may help to improve overall focus. If there are any gaps between your objectives and your employee’s commitment to said objectives, these can also be addressed accordingly. This is why internal audits can be very beneficial when implementing a new quality management system, to ensure that everyone is on the same page and able to work together to achieve results.