Document Control Software Can Help Engineering

Document Control Software Can Help Engineering
July 1, 2011 seouser

For many engineering, architecture and construction companies, online document control software offers an effective way to increase efficiency and streamline the design process. Companies who deal with a large volume of data heavy documents such as blueprints, construction documents and CAD files are often faced with a daunting challenge when sending large files via internet, especially by email. When deadlines require documentation to be sent quickly and without delays, postage is not an option either. Couriers end up costing a fortune, and those too can take up time. This is what makes online document control software such a valuable solution for companies within the engineering and design industry.

Benefits of Online Document Control Software

Online document management solutions offer an effective way to send documents to clients online using secure technology that allows for quick and easy transfer. Confidentiality is also ensured, which is an important factor when working on architectural, engineering and construction projects that require a high level of confidentiality and security. Many online transfer systems such as FTP work to some extent, but confidentiality is not ensured with this method. With online document control software, companies are able to easily transfer large documents securely and quickly, even over a great distance. All documents are encrypted when they are uploaded onto the servers, and they are also encrypted when they are transferred to and from the server. All documents are also automatically backed up, to ensure that even if documents are accidentally deleted, companies are still able to access earlier versions. Documentation can also be organised so that it is simple to search for specific data that has been sent, and when new versions of the documents are sent, all employees within the firm will be able to access the latest version to prevent confusion. In this way, companies within the architecture, engineering and construction industries have a safe, secure and simple way to transfer important documentation over the internet, with the help of easy to use online document control software.