Do you need to consider a Review of Business Procedures?

Do you need to consider a Review of Business Procedures?
September 2, 2012 seouser
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Why Your Quality Management System Needs Review

Procedures are the critical documents that enable your quality management system to drive the results you seek. Procedures are documents that define the various processes and tasks that comprise your improvement strategies. These could be lists on who does what, work instructions for specific tasks or even steps that are required for each project. Procedures need to be reviewed on an annual basis to determine that tasks are being planned and implemented accordingly. Procedures can also include processes that help you obtain customer feedback that is vital to your organisation’s success. These could include telephonic surveys, printed surveys, customer emails and any other process that is used to generate responses from customers. By reviewing these procedures, you will be able to source the information that helps your employees do their jobs better while also finding ways to improve your customer service.

How Often is Document Review Required?

There is no specific timeframe on document review. You may find that it is more effective to review certain procedures on a monthly basis in order to keep track of any potential issues or non-conformance. You may discover that annual review is sufficient to keep your quality management documents controlled. Some organisations may only need to do reviews every few years if the procedures are fairly simple and consistent. You do not have to do a formal review either – in some industries, regular informal review can have the same efficiency as comprehensive reviews that involve audits and stringent reporting. When processes and procedures are revised on a regular basis, they are essential being reviewed for accuracy. Organisations that do not update procedures on a constant basis may find that a set review time works best. Periodic employee surveys regarding process usability can also be scheduled along with an annual document review to help you track performance, measure results and determine whether the processes are working as they should. Whatever document review plan works for your organisation, the benefits of review cannot be understated as a means to improve your quality management procedures for effective results.

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