Quality Management, CSI Las Vegas Style

Quality Management, CSI Las Vegas Style
March 5, 2015 seouser
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We all know that TV cops have a lot to deal with on a daily basis, but what if they had a quality management plan in place to make things a bit easier? Out of all of the police procedural shows, CSI Las Vegas is one of the best-known. Featuring a team of scientists, forensic specialists, DNA experts, ballistics specialists and various other ‘lab rats’ and field investigators, every episode is filled with action, drama and tension as crimes are solved through evidence that is analysed.

Quite often, the team also have to deal with bureaucratic challenges from higher forces – corrupt sheriffs, internal affairs investigations into their methods and even political game playing from the Las Vegas governing powers. While all fans of the show know how much CSI Nick Stokes and Sarah Sidle hate such interference in getting their jobs done, perhaps their jobs would be a lot easier if an easy to manage quality management system was set in motion.

If The CSI Team Had A Quality Management System…

Just how would a quality management system work in the CSI Las Vegas lab? Here are some of the things that we think should be included:

  • Audit Management. As any fan of the show knows, the team are not without their share of dramas, issues and sometimes, secrets. While they mostly work well together, there have been many times that individual CSIs have gone rogue. Dr Ray Langston is a prime example of what happens when CSIs go off on their own to save the day, but many others have been called out for similar reasons. Scheduled audits to make sure that everyone is on the same page and up to date on lab policies, procedures, and even firearms training, would cut out a lot of the confusion and strife that happens when someone is tempted to solve a crime all on their own.
  • Employee Competency. Just because they are heroes, it doesn’t mean they are not employees of the Las Vegas Police Department. Their job is to solve crimes by collecting, processing and evaluating evidence. Often, they need specialist training to keep up to date with the various aspects of crime busting. Nick Stokes became the new “bug guy” after Grissom left, and had to do a course to gain the key skills used in forensic entomology. Testing both field and lab workers in their required skills would ensure that they are able to deal with the job’s challenges to the best of their abilities, and to with evidence that is far more likely to stand up in court.
  • CAPA. Noncompliance is par for the course in CSI Las Vegas, and in most cases, it is the same issue with individuals not following rules. Sarah has had plenty of disciplinary action, and the late Warrick Brown did too. Sometimes, they get away with doing things off the book, while sometimes, they surprise us all by going vigilante like Detective Sam Vega, who dealt with un-convicted offenders in his own way. A simplified, automated CAPA would make things much easier for all involved, while cutting down on offences significantly.

Of course, this also goes to show that police departments and forensics labs all over the world can also benefit from the value of a good quality management plan, and not just TV show police units!

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