Document Control

A Comprehensive Solution

IsoTracker ISO 9001 Document Control software handles the process of document control in a logical and easy to use fashion. IsoTracker builds up version information as each new version of a document is imported into the document control module. It assigns approvers and permits your draft documents to be reviewed and electronically approved before publication.

Business Drivers
  • I need an easy to learn and implement document control solution that won't break the bank
  • I need electronic approval and reliable document versioning and distribution
  • I need email notifications of all tasks and be able to review who is slowing down the process
  • I need secure storage of all documents, access to archived documents and clear document history

It’s Compatible

The job of moving from existing legacy systems, such as paper documents or electronic files held on shared drives, is easy. They are imported into the document control module that sits on our servers where they are encrypted and stored and where access to them can be controlled and restricted.


Documents are opened and viewed by invoking the native applications they were created in such as MS Office applications, Adobe Acrobat PDF, images, drawings and others. In addition, documents held in isoTracker can be automatically converted to PDF format to provide greater security.


Documents held and accessed using the document control software module may be traditional text based documents, spreadsheets, drawings, flowcharts, project plans, multimedia files and more.

Security and Control

The Document Control security features ensure that document change and distribution can only take place when authorized, such as:

  • Managing the introduction of new documents
  • Controlling the editing or changing of documents
  • Restricting the availability of documents to authorized personnel only

Access to the document control module and to the documents is protected by user specific login and access permissions. The documents are also encrypted and cannot be modified, deleted or copied by users who do not have the required access rights. Each isoTracker account is backed-up nightly to servers in a different geographic location.



  • Internet application, which is entirely scalable from a small department to a global organization.
  • Can handle many thousands of documents which can be viewed, approved and published from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Standards and Compliance Management:

  • Information for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001), and Environmental Management (ISO 14001) is supported and controlled.
  • Also appropriate for any Standards and Compliance Management system where controlling documentation change and availability is key.
  • Any type of document can be held and accessed such as procedures, work instructions, spreadsheets, drawings, forms, etc.

Ease of Use:

  • No need to retype documents. Simply import single or multiple documents into our secure server using our import mechanism.
  • Works with your existing applications used to create, view and edit documents such as MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Visio, AutoCAD, etc...
  • Layout follows a familiar folders structure on the left and folder content on the main panel. Documents can also be quickly listed by using a keyword search.


  • Upload your current documents or use the online document creation feature. Send documents into the approval workflow before they are published in their folder.
  • Automatic distribution and notification of published documents.
  • Each document is version numbered and the next revision is given the next incremental revision number on the basis of a major or minor version change.
  • Optional automatic conversion to PDF for greater document security.
  • Reminder notifications for the approval of documents and for their regular review.


  • Strict document control workflow cycle. New versions can only be generated as a result of an approved change request or a simple check-out by relevant parties.
  • After check-in documents are sent into the approval workflow and will only be published after being positively approved.
  • New versions replace prior-versions which are automatically archived and held as separately identified versions. Archived versions are accessible by relevant parties only.
  • Set automatic reminders for the regular review of documents which gets rescheduled every time a new version is uploaded.
  • Document history is automatically updated at each step of document's workflow stages.
  • Documents maintain their original properties and approval details through each workflow process but these can be edited when they are not in workflow.

Security and Control:

  • Documents are encrypted and stored in a remote secure server from where access is strictly controlled.
  • Staff members who are not isoTracker users will not be able to access the system nor the documents held within the system.
  • Documents can only be accessed for complaintsmodification by users who have authoring rights.
  • Conversion to PDF provides an additional layer of security prior to documents being printed.


Most companies will want to purchase a document control software package because it speeds up the maintenance of a quality management system. What they are in fact looking for is something that will make it less costly to maintain formal (e.g. ISO 9000) standards. They will also be looking for an improvement in the important security aspects that ensure that only the latest version is promptly available for viewing and that only approved viewers have access to key documentation.

Reduced Administration Costs

  • General reduction of administrative time and overhead which means greater efficiency and hence lower costs.
  • Eliminating document distribution logjams, such as documents for approval lost at the bottom of an in-tray, saves time and translates directly to cost efficiencies.
  • Archiving costs are eliminated.

More Efficient Operations

  • IsoTracker makes it quicker to locate information. No more frustration inherent in finding a paper document. You don’t have to search across your network files as every document held in a folder that a user has access to is included in the search process.
  • Distributing paper copies of documents is not only costly, it is also slow. Circulating papers around a company can take days and within that delay different people could be working with different procedures. IsoTracker ensures that all users are always viewing the latest version of an approved document. It helps you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Complete records of who did what and when to each document means that audits are issue free.


  • IsoTracker has several layers of security starting from the login sequences to access rights to the folders holding the documents. This means that only known and approved users will be able to, first, access the system and then, second, view what may be proprietary documentation that are held in the folders. Users without access to a folder will not be able to view the documents held in that folder.
  • The controls applied to the use of passwords such as system lock-out if the wrong password is consistently used and the restrictions on duplication of ID/password combinations means the risks of unauthorized users entering the system are massively reduced.
  • Documents and passwords are encrypted on our servers and in transit over the Internet using SSL encryption. This is similar security that banks and credit card companies use.
  • Daily back-ups are performed of all customer data to servers based in a different geographical location.



Q. Can Document Control be used in areas other than Quality Management?

Yes. IsoTracker should be used wherever documents need to be managed and their legitimacy and accuracy checked prior to distribution.

Q. What response times can I expect when viewing documents?

The retrieval time will be dependent on the speed of your Internet connection and the application in which the document was created. IsoTracker uses standard applications, which ensures the fastest retrieval time possible.

Q. Can field based personnel gain access to documents? Can isoTracker be accessed internationally?

Yes, that is the wonder of the web. Anybody, who is an identified isoTracker user with Internet access will be able to use the document management system wherever they are located and at any time.

Q. Can I give our sub-contract partners access to controlled documents?

As long as the sub-contract partners have access to the Internet and are identified users within isoTracker, then they may view the controlled documents to which they have been granted access.


Q. How easy is the system to use? Will I need to change my working methods?

IsoTracker has been designed to make life as easy as possible for all users. The use of folders means that users do not have cluttered screens and only see the documents they have been given access to. This also applies to user roles such as System Administrator, Approver, Document Administrator, Viewer, etc…where their tools will only appear on their respective isoTracker screens if they have been assigned that role.

Q. Do we have to re-write our existing procedures and other documents?

No. IsoTracker uses standard applications such as MS Word, Excel, Visio, and many others to create, edit and view documents. Existing documentation are directly imported without the need for re-typing or formatting. Imported documents are moved over to our server where they are encrypted and held securely.

Q. How does the system cope with staff changing jobs or leaving?

Changing access to different groups to reflect a change in responsibility is easily done. Staff that have left are first deleted from their respective groups and then deleted from the list of available users.

Q. Which third party applications do you support?

Basically, isoTracker works with any application that can be accessed through a Web Browser. These include all Microsoft Office applications, HTML , PDF, .jpg, .tiff, .gif and others.


Q. Can I prevent users viewing sensitive material?

Yes. All content is placed in folders and individual users or user groups are given access to these folders. A user not included on a folder’s read access list will not be able to view its constituent documents.

Q. Can I set different levels of access for documents?

Yes, there are three different access levels for documents. The first are the users with Write access to folders and documents who can create and manage folders and the documents held within those folders. These write users can check-out their documents, modify them and then check them back in. The second are the approvers who can review a document and then either approve or reject it. Finally, there are the normal users who have read-only access to documents who can only view those documents and issue change requests.

Q. How is the audit trail for a document recorded?

Each time an activity involving a document takes place, a record of that activity is automatically made. All the document attributes, such as the author, the approval actions, the version details, are recorded as well as when and by whom a document had been checked out and then checked back in.

Q. Can a document be changed outside Document Control?

Access to each document is strictly controlled through isoTracker and no changes can be made to any document without the correct procedures being followed. All documents are stored securely and can only be amended by users who have write access to the document.

Q. Can we archive old copies of documentation?

Yes. IsoTracker archives prior versions to a special access restricted archives zone where they are kept securely for as long as required.

Q. How many approvers can there be for a document?

A document's approval rules are set by an Approval Type within which there is no limit to the number of approvers. An Approval Type can be set to inform approvers in a sequential or a non-sequential order.


Q. How does Document Control communicate changes?

Any communication of changes within isoTracker such as the posting of a document requiring approval, the approval of a change request, a reminder to check-out or check-in a document or the issue of an updated version, is displayed on the concerned user’s Summary page as well as by email notification.