isoTracker Quality Management Software – an IT department’s dream

isoTracker Quality Management Software – an IT department’s dream

Purchasing a new software system can be a bit like going on a blind date as you never know exactly what to expect and how much the evening will cost even though you will have done a reasonable amount of research. Obviously, there is the possibility of a full trial but by that time money has already exchanged hands and downing tools is not a viable alternative. The software supplier is only interested in selling you the product and your IT department is already stretched supporting what you already have. So the solution is to fork out more money to hire a “specialist” to help you out.

Most software systems require additional software and hardware to work. They will probably need implementation and training which must be paid for. They also demand consistent IT management and maintenance. Finally, there will be a cost of upgrading the software when the next version is released which at some stage you will be forced to do.

So in effect the actual cost of the software may be only a fraction of what you will eventually pay out. What’s more your IT staff will have to support it so they will have to learn a new technology which may soon become outdated.

At Lennox Hill we do things differently because we understand that times are tough and that every penny has to be accounted for but also because we do not want our software to be a burden.

Our isoTracker quality management system will not give you a hangover nor will it create unpleasant surprises. You get an effective “what you see is what you get” product that does not require any additional hardware or software, does not require complicated implementation and does not require your IT staff to be trained to maintain the product. In fact your IT team does not need to be involved because there is nothing for them to do. As a cloud-based or hosted product our in-house IT experts handle everything. Obviously we do not recommend that you not involve your IT team in the decision making process as it is their responsibility to at least “sign-off” on the purchase of cloud-based software…secretly relieved that they don’t have to do anything with it.

The isoTracker Quality Management System helps your IT department because:

  • It doesn’t have to maintain another server
  • It doesn’t stretch valuable IT resources
  • They don’t have to learn an additional new application

The isoTracker cloud-based quality management software makes life easier for you because it:

  • Keeps your IT team off your back
  • Eliminates the need and the cost of system management
  • Substantially reduces overall costs
  • Reduces the time from evaluation to going live
  • Creates a single point of contact for sales, support and training

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