Why Going Paperless is Key to Your Business’s Survival, and How Document Control Software Can Help

Why Going Paperless is Key to Your Business’s Survival, and How Document Control Software Can Help
December 20, 2018 seouser

Increasingly, companies are embracing digital technologies and going paperless as a matter of survival. In this context, document control software can play a vital role.

Document control software can:

  • prevent digital documentation systems from becoming hopelessly fragmented and disorganized
  • provide “anywhere, any time” access to data, across an organization
  • use automation to ensure recorded information is complete, accurate, and up to date.

Benefits of going paperless

Going paperless isn’t just good for the environment. It can also help companies cut costs, streamline their operations, and become more competitive.

Quicker document access and retrieval

Even if they are meticulously filed, retrieving paper documents is much more time-consuming than simply searching for the documents on a computer.

Document control software allows you to search for files using keywords or document classifications. You can also access your files from anywhere in the world.

Fewer costs

Paper, folders, printer toner, printer maintenance and filing cabinets are just a few significant costs you can eliminate by introducing a paperless system.

More efficient document management

Document management is quicker, more streamlined, and less prone to errors.

Because all staff members are accessing the same documentation, in the same place, there is less risk of miscommunication or duplication of records. Workflow processes within the organization can also be more consistent.

Fewer errors

Having your documentation managed online greatly reduces the risk of misfiling which can lead to data loss and non-compliance.

Because records are captured digitally, you can also eliminate incomplete data, illegible text, incorrect date formats, and unstandardized units of measurement. This helps speed up the review and approval process as well.

Better security

Physical documents can be lost to fire or floods. They may also be stolen or accessed by unauthorized individuals – and physical documents are much harder to monitor than electronic ones.

Electronically stored documents are, of course, also prone to security threats.

However, a cloud-based document control system makes it possible to store all your documents in one secure location, with protection in the form of encryption and daily backups.

A document control system also makes it possible to access records of which staff accessed which files, and when.

Easier compliance

Companies need to comply with the recordkeeping requirements set by various regulations and standards.

Compliance is much easier with a document control system in place. This is because the system uses workflows – or automated sequences – to ensure that documents are completed properly and to the required standard.

The system can also ensure that only the latest, approved versions of documents are used, across your organization.

How a document control system can help you go paperless

A document control system is designed specifically to facilitate document management and eliminate the need for a physical paper trail. It can also help your business comply with ISO, FDA and OHSAS recordkeeping requirements.

With document control software, you can manage company-wide documentation on a small or large scale, from a central point.

Using cloud-based document control software, you can also:

  • speed up review and approval workflow processes, with documents automatically moving from one step to the next
  • restrict access to documents on the basis of functional, geographic or “need to know” requirements, resulting in better security
  • access up-to-date metadata about document status and readily available performance metrics
  • reduce your business’s compliance costs through electronic signatures, revision control, and audit trails.

Document control systems from isoTracker

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