Why Does the Automotive Industry Need Quality Management?

Why Does the Automotive Industry Need Quality Management?
August 7, 2013 seouser
Automotive Industry

How QMS Benefits Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers

From safety checks to compliance audits, the automotive sector needs to achieve certification in specialized ISO standards as well as quality standards. A well-managed QMS is therefore something that can’t be skipped – not if vehicles and parts ever get onto the market that is. Here are some ways that quality standards help this industry…

  • Fast-tracks market time. With real-time visibility into quality processes as well as performance metrics, products can be developed and put onto market more efficiently. Quality issues lead to time-consuming challenges, slowing time-to-market considerably.
  • Improves bottom line. Poor quality costs money – scrap metal, production downtime, recalls and even warranties all affect the bottom line negatively. Improved quality on the other hand means less of these costly consequences, while also ensuring better operations across the board.
  • Improves Products. Having a proper Quality Management System in place allows for pro-active solutions – product issues can be spotted, tracked and resolved even before products go to market. In this way, decisions are governed by facts and metrics rather than guestimates.
  • Ensures Compliance. Then there is the compliance issue – meeting conditions of ISO standards enables certification and full compliance. Industry standards as well as other policies all need to be adhered to carefully after all.
  • Improves Customer Relations. Last but not least, having proper quality measures in place means happier customers too. Few things hurt an auto brand more than product recalls and other issues – regardless of current popularity or loyalty. Good quality products relate to happier customers, which in turn results in better sales.

At the end of the day, producing products that are used on a daily basis, often in challenging conditions, and at high speeds means that quality levels are more important than ever. The cost of poor quality in any other industry could mean affected sales at worst… if you are making vehicles or vehicle parts however, failure to implement a proper Quality Management System could have far, far more serious implications.

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