What You Can Use Our New Risk Management Software to Do

What You Can Use Our New Risk Management Software to Do
August 7, 2020 seouser
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isoTracker’s risk management software is a centralized, cloud-based solution designed to identify, evaluate and mitigate organizational risk – financial, operational, reputational, legal and compliance.

Functions are fully automated and real-time risk data is constantly updated to deliver a streamlined and proactive approach to managing risk in small to medium enterprises.

Customizable, Deployment-Ready Risk Management Software

Our intuitive risk management system is deployment-ready, customizable, and available as a standalone module that can easily be integrated into isoTracker’s comprehensive QMS suite.

Here’s how isoTracker’s risk management software identifies, assesses, and rates organizational risk drivers with seamless efficiency.

Record and share risk information across the business

A central platform enables a cohesive, cross-business approach to intelligence gathering, and the recording and sharing of risk information.

As all departments have access to real-time data, strategic decision-making is supported and risk-related issues are acted upon quickly and efficiently.

Schedule risk assessments

Scheduled risk assessments, with automated reminders, ensure risk management is a recurring business process, rather than a one-off activity.

As a result, new risks are identified and new priorities set to treat issues long before they imperil an organization.

Automate risk ratings

Automated risk ratings reduce the work involved in prioritizing risks and support a consistent ratings methodology.

A risk matrix, focusing on five modifiable impact criteria, defines the level of risk and helps decision-makers formulate an effective risk mitigation plan.

Easily manage risk mitigation

Mitigation tasks are auto-assigned and -tracked using an intuitive workflow process.

Automated reminders alert individuals, or task teams, to defined deadlines and task-related findings are copied to one of three sections – Risk Assessment, Risk Resolution or Resolution Effectiveness.

Maintain up-to-date risk records

Risk records, featuring real-time data and supporting documents, emails or images, are continuously maintained to expedite compliance and auditing processes.

Stakeholders are automatically informed of current risk ratings and resolved risks are reactivated – when and if circumstances demand.

Automate risk analysis and reporting

Automated risk analysis and reporting enables the sharing of real-time data with internal and external stakeholders.

Decision-making is more effective, responses are intelligence-driven and proactive, and businesses benefit from maximised resilience and efficiency.

isoTracker’s new risk management software is designed to help small to medium businesses actively manage risk – at a price they can afford. It’s also fully customizable and ISO 9001 compliant.

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