What is Document Control?

What is Document Control?
May 23, 2011 seouser
Document Control

Document control offers one of the most effective ways for businesses to manage and control all company documentation, thereby ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. This is particularly important in industries that operate and rely on efficient and reliable processes, such as accounting, food safety, ISO, Medical Device manufacturing, Healthcare and Information Technology. Document control also ensures that a far greater level of quality management and control can be implemented, and makes it possible to identify cases of non-compliance so that these can be dealt with effectively and quickly. Documentation control provides a procedure for the following:

  • Reviewing and approving documents prior to release
  • Checking that documents maintain their suitability through pre-scheduled review reminders
  • Ensuring changes and revisions are clearly identified
  • Ensuring that relevant versions of applicable documents are available to predefined users
  • Ensuring that documents remain legible and identifiable
  • Ensuring that external documents such as customer supplied documents or supplier manuals are identified and controlled
  • Preventing unintended use of obsolete documents

Document control software, now increasingly available as an online web based application, provides companies with a simple and effective way to control their important documentation, and permits key management staff to manage and update documentation, perform change request reviews and document approvals from various locations. Some additional benefits of using this hosted web-based software include quick and easy implementation, off-site storage, compatibility with various systems, multiple security layers, easy search and many others that allow improved effectiveness. With the comprehensive software solution from isoTracker, companies are able to manage all aspects of documentation control, with information protected by document and transmission encryption, user specific login and access permissions. As part of a quality management system, isoTracker document control software helps companies to reduce administrative costs through time saving process efficiencies. In addition the paper trail is minimised with no documents getting lost as is not uncommon with a paper based system, archiving costs are reduced and document retrieval time is greatly shortened. isoTracker provides a comprehensive document control system and quality management solution that can easily be used by all members of staff from any location and with organisations of all types and sizes.

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