Should Document Control Apply to Mobile Devices Too?

Should Document Control Apply to Mobile Devices Too?
May 8, 2013 seouser
document control for mobile devices

While it’s common knowledge that document control tools apply to typical desktop computers and even laptops, what about mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets? As technology makes everyday life that much easier to integrate, the way that we do access information, files and documents also becomes easier. Back in the old days, data would have to be backed up and managed via disc (once upon a time, even floppy disks!). Then, there were flash drives and external drives. These days however, the cloud has opened up a whole new array of possibilities – both for document control software and for information storage, access and management on a broader scale.

Document Control and the Cloud

The cloud is not really a new term. There may still be a bit of confusion when this word crops up – after all, it has nothing to do with real clouds. The concept though is pretty amazing, particularly when you stop to think how it improves accessibility and sharing – two important factors when it comes to document control functionality. Think about apps such as Google Drive, or Dropbox. Those are typical cloud-based document hosting tools. Now, imagine if you could not only access documents on the cloud, but also have full management over edits, versions, permissions and other vital features that enable your documents to be stored safely and efficiently.

Does This Affect Document Security Though?

On the other hand, a very simplified app that you have just downloaded via iTunes may not be the best way to enjoy the benefits of remote document management. For one thing, there is a good chance that common or garden type apps have limited features, and almost zero chance that the tool will help from a standardization point of view. Security is something that needs to be taken seriously too. This is another reason why the type of program you choose is critical. It is possible to use document tools from any computer, laptop or even phone that can connect online – but you need to ensure that by doing so, you are not putting your data at risk.

How do you know that you are not risking document breaches on your mobile device?

For starters, you should only ever invest in programs that are certified for compliance, and rigidly checked to ensure that best practices are ensured through the software’s functionality and features. You should also make sure that you fully understand how the tool works, and that you are able to ramp up security with permissions and other user controls. Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not you will be using document control software as a stand-alone program, or as part of an overall quality improvement system. Certain procedures and policies should be put into place too, in order for every employee who will be granted access to follow the same consistent systems. All in all, despite the fact that the cloud and various other innovations have certainly helped make things easier, the same old rules apply in terms of usage, monitoring and planning. Put together, you will soon discover how document control can apply not just to mobile, but to every other aspect of business life too.