Setting and Keeping Business New Year’s Resolutions with Document Control

Setting and Keeping Business New Year’s Resolutions with Document Control
February 25, 2014 seouser



If you ever wondered just how useful something like document control can be in the real world, stop for a minute and think about your current business goals. Unlike your personal New Year’s Resolutions, which may include hummers like losing weight, getting that credit card back to healthy and maybe making more time for yourself, business resolutions are often a little more complex. It is this complexity that makes it essential to work smart, with the help of a few clever tools to automate (or at least better manage) the process. So what is the link between big goals and smart planning, and where does document management come into all of this? Keep reading to find out…

How Document Control Helps You Blast through Goal Setting

Consider document control as a life hack for your virtual existence. Instead of going about things the old way, with stacks of paper, pens, badly-organised computer folders and unsaved files, you have the benefit of one single, easily accessible system that does it all – organises, stores, versions and controls. How can one such all-in-one system help you set (and reach) those business New Year’s Resolutions? Here are just a few examples…

  1. Goal: Reduce resource costs. This is an obvious one – who doesn’t want to cut down on wasteful spending? The paperless office may still be a buzzword, but there are many reasons that this is a good way forward. By saving on paper, ink and even space, you will find that office funds last longer, desks are kept more organised and time wastage is even reduced. In addition to the cost of printing, you also have added costs such as postage, filing and of course, the cost of lost documents in their paper form. Changing to an electronic system takes care of this goal quickly and simply.
  2. Goal: Simplify document storage. Going back to the organisation aspect, you can see how quickly things get chaotic when there are piles of paper everywhere – as well as full filing cabinets and other storage containers. Finding specific documents in such a paper stack is a challenge at best, while the costs of the filing cabinets themselves are also worth thinking about too. Virtual filing is not only simpler; you have the added perks of version control to ensure that you always access the most recent version of any given document.
  3. Goal: Improve employee productivity. Needless to say, it is your employees who are wasting all that time searching for hard copies. They may also be printing, editing print outs, filing print outs and sending print outs by snail mail too. If you are not 100% sure where to find a certain file right away, you can be sure that you are spending too much time wasted on document management.
  4. Goal: Boost customer service. Believe it or not, lost, missing, or otherwise unorganised documents also affect client relations too. A cloud-based system that allows you to instantly find a client’s contract or document makes it far easier to help that client right away, compared to a long wait as Janet from admin goes down to the basement to search through filing drawers from two years ago. Cloud solutions can also be accessed from any smartphone, computer or laptop too, adding even more ease to the proceedings.
  5. Goal: Ramp up data security. Then there is the matter of data security. If you are not worried about how safe your documents are, you should be when you realise how easily many years’ of paperwork can vanish in the event of a disaster. Even if you are storing data on a hard drive or external drive, you will not be able to guarantee safety. A remote system on the other hand reduces physical risk and internal risks such as virus emails, corporate spying and document theft. Having a clear process for the storage of every document helps to keep each document completely safe, and in turn helps your clients feel safer working with you too.

This year, take a good look at your goals and then think about how technology could help make it easier to meet each goal. Make sure that 2014 is a year to remember, with the help of smart thinking and a few document control tricks.