Preventive Actions are better than Corrective Actions

Preventive Actions are better than Corrective Actions
February 19, 2012 seouser
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10 Common Preventive Actions

Use common ISO 9000 quality management tools to identify potential nonconformities as follows:

  1. Benchmark external companies and see what problems they experience. Use their experiences to implement preventive measures internally.
  2. Waste can be indicative of a lax attitude to issues, so implement a waste reduction plan which will force employees to consider ways of doings things with less.
  3. Analyse processes or products for variances that could result in nonconformity if not dealt with. This analysis captures the specific of process inputs and outputs which will help in determining whether a process is in or out of control.
  4. Set up warnings using statistical methods to inform key personnel when it would appear that events in a process could lead to a nonconformity.
  5. Ensure that you have the required process capabilities to create an environment for continuous improvement within your organisation.
  6. Use a brainstorming session to identify risks in the processes and categorize underlying issues that may result in a non-conformance.
  7. Train employees to think laterally and have a critical view of any process. Encourage them to improve ways of doing things while at the same time reducing the variances.
  8. Perform regular supplier audits to motivate them to consistently deliver conforming product or services. Encourage them to improve their products and/or services.
  9. Plan for the unpleasant and the unthinkable. Don’t expect that all will end up according to plan.
  10. Implement preventive maintenance plans for all equipment including the calibration and standardization of measuring utensils.

As part of your quality management strategies, it is essential to consider a solid action plan for non-conformance, which will allow you to provide a greater level of efficiency within the organisation.