isoTracker Solutions Partners with TOTAL Consulting to Provide Quality Management Software in the Middle East and North Africa

isoTracker Solutions Partners with TOTAL Consulting to Provide Quality Management Software in the Middle East and North Africa
May 25, 2012 seouser
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isoTracker Solutions will be launching a partnership with Cairo based TOTAL Consulting to market the isoTracker Quality Management software across the Middle East and North Africa. This partnership will provide developing regions with the wide range of benefits offered by the isoTracker solution, enabling an effective way to ensure standardisation and continuous improvement across these regions. TOTAL Consulting has been successful within the performance improvement and process approach areas of management since 1991, helping companies to develop and implement management policies and various quality processes. These management approaches are integrated into every project completed, with clients across many business sectors in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa.

isoTracker Quality Management Software Goes Global

The partnership between isoTracker Solutions and TOTAL Consulting aims to assist TOTAL Consulting in their current Quality Management strategies, through the user-friendly tools provided by isoTracker. Osama El-Meligy, Chairman of TOTAL Consulting says, “The use of technology in implementing ISO standards is now essential. After an extensive search, we found that isoTracker is an excellent tool that efficiently handles all the ISO requirements in a straight forward and quick to learn fashion”. The isoTracker Quality Management software comprises an online platform that is also known as Cloud Software or Software as a Service (SaaS). Key features of the software include document control, complaints management, audit management and competency testing solutions. Companies from all over the world have successfully utilised the software, from Australia to the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, UK and the USA. Major advantages of this software solution include its ease-of-use, affordable price and strong customer service. “As an online software application the market for isoTracker is the entire globe, but customers like to have a local contact to explain to them the benefits of the product, to help with the implementation if required and to train them. TOTAL Consulting’s experience and knowledge in the region and in the field of quality management will be invaluable in helping isoTracker implant itself in the region” says Christopher Stainow, Chief Executive of isoTracker Solutions Ltd. There is no doubt that ISO compliance will become one of the most vital requirements within any improvement campaign for companies across the globe. The launch of isoTracker within the Middle East and North Africa shows the demand for effective Quality Management systems and easy to implement standardisation through isoTracker.