If Tony Stark had a Quality Management System…

If Tony Stark had a Quality Management System…
November 21, 2015 seouser
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Why Does Iron Man Need Quality Management?

If he is that smart and capable, you may be wondering, why does Iron Man need to bother with quality management? Well, for starters, a good quality system would certainly make his life somewhat easier, while also reducing those inevitable hiccups that superheroes seem to always face along their path to glory. Here are some of the main ways that a quality system would help our armoured hero…

Supplier Management

With that epic iron suit, and all of the high-tech materials and resources that Tony’s operation has accumulated, it goes without saying that some sort of process should be used when it comes to choosing suppliers that can be trusted. His supply chain does not only need to be of the utmost superior standards; it also needs to be secure to reduce the risk of enemy infiltration. Delays and poor supplier quality just will not do for any hero, after all – let alone shoddy materials that run the risk of suit failure. Having a way to manage and evaluate suppliers would certainly make things easier, ensuring that operations run as smoothly as possible at all times. This will leave Iron Man free to focus on the important stuff, like saving the planet, without worrying about his palladium armour having any flaws that could affect his performance.

Training Management

Behind every superhero is a team of super helpers and assistants to help keep things up and running. Tools such as competency assessments will help Tony create and foster a team like no other team, which in turn, will allow him to run Stark Enterprises without any issues caused by incompetent employees. In his career as a crime fighting hero, Iron Man also needs to keep his team trained and capable. Without assessments and training, it gets all too easy for bad things to happen. It also makes it easier to train newcomers, which we saw when Colonel Rhoades took over one of the iron suits to become the Iron Patriot. He had to learn how the suit worked, and how to become a soldier – something that is virtually impossible without some sort of training process.

Corrective Action

CAPA tools would also come in handy – especially when it comes to the issues that Tony had with each Iron Man suit prototype. Brushing off mistakes is all fine and well, but having a clear system in place that allowed corrective actions to be designated and escalated would make things a lot simpler. CAPA plays an important role within any risk management strategy. Without risk evaluation, it gets all too easy for chaos to reign when due processes are not followed through, and mistakes are not corrected properly. As you can see, Tony could certainly benefit from a quality management system – both in his day time role running his business, and in his superhero Iron Man role.

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