How to Develop a Quality Management Culture

How to Develop a Quality Management Culture
September 8, 2014 seouser
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How Do You Create a Culture of Quality Management?

Companies that have embraced a culture of improvement have learnt that there are a few steps that need to be taken in order for results to truly be effective. Some of the most important things to note include the following:

1. The best strategies start at the top

The CEO, board of directors, senior managers and other major players in your company will take your quality message down the line once they are fully on board. Implementing strategies in separate department seldom works as well as does a plan that has the support of top level executives. The board of directors helps to set strategic goals while also supporting the CEO. The CEO meanwhile has actions that have major impact, and as the head of the company, is able to make decisions that are often influential for the rest of the company.

2. The trickle-down effect

With the support and leadership from top level execs, programs are then trickled down to managers and employees. Management plays a vital role in cementing these programs, and a positive attitude towards improvement goes a long way in ensuring optimal results. The way that managers interact and pass on information to employees is also important. Effective management is essential in order to implement best practice processes rather than simply giving out orders and telling employees that quality matters. Employees also need to feel like more than parts of a working system – they should be able to contribute towards quality goals and get involved in working together to meet these goals.

3. Building an operational model

In today’s era of increased improvement strategies, creating a model of operational success holds the key to forging a culture that is geared towards these strategies. Both financial and operational goals can be greatly helped through a company-wide quality culture. And once this culture has been established, getting ahead of the competition is also easier. A Quality management culture needs not be difficult or hard to follow once you stop to consider how to infuse improvement into your company practices.

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